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I have the score for this. So I want to talk about it.

It's... pretty awesome.

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It is! What's your favorite song from it?
I really can't say. "The Ballad of Booth" comes to mind very quickly, but the entire score is fantastic.

I sang "Unworthy of Your Love" at a concert a while back. Felt great.
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A part of me wants to do something from this for my next musical audition...

What song?
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What's your voice type? It might be a little tricky, because there aren't a whole lot of "solo" songs in it.

I did the first part of "Unworthy Of Your Love" for an audition. If you're a baritone/bass, you could use that, a section of the "Gun Song," or a section of "The Ballad of Booth." If you're a tenor, you could do "How I Saved Roosevelt" or, again, one of the ballads.

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The last part of Booth's section of "The Ballad of Booth," Czolgosz' lines in the "Gun Song," the first part of "Unworthy of Your Love" (before Fromme comes in) would work. If you could get a good section of "Everybody's Got the Right" trimmed down, that'd be fantastic, too.

I could also conceivably think of trimming down a section of "Another National Anthem..." I'm getting my score.
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Actually depends on the play... Which I'll find out in a few months...

Will keep you updated.
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I should trim down a section of "Another National Anthem" and use it for an audition. Rather unconventional...

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I haven't listened to it in some time, but I do like it quite a bit as a history-and-musicals nerd (and as a dramaturg). The score will always be stronger than the libretto- some of the scenes are seriously clunky. I saw it in a staged reading 2003 or '04 (ie, before the Broadway revival), with Patrick Cassidy and Annie Golden reprising their original roles as Balladeer and Squeaky. Cassidy did not double as Oswald. Kevin Earley was phenomenal as Booth.

It was the first time I'd ever heard "Something Just Broke." I know a song of that nature was always meant to be part of the show, but it always feels out of place to me.
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Well, it was added later, while Sondheim was writing Passion.

I don't find the book to be clunky. It's disjointed, but I think that goes well with the surreal, revue-like nature of the show.

I do take issue with people who complain about the song "ruining the dramatic structure," however. It doesn't. Because the show is a revue.

My one problem with the show is the portrayal of the female Assassins. They seem kinda... marginalized and just generally crazy comic relief. I feel Moore should've had more music. The original Moore seemed like she had a very powerful voice, judging by the recording.

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