Breaking News: CivFanatics forum is still horrible.:

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Is there a Civilization forum where someone could bring up Civilization 5 or Steam without some idiot posting a thousand walls of text about how Jon Shafer is Adolf Hitler and using Steam is literally like being raped?

It would be much appreciated :)
Um...I dunno, you want to talk about it here?

I've been collecting a few achievements for Civ 5 over the weekend after buying the Danish/Explorer's Pack. The scenario I've not yet figured out a good strategy for yet, if it were a few turns longer I'd be ok, but it's a bit short, and moving all my troops takes up a lot of time.

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[up][up]Basically, just go to any forum that does NOT have the game as it's primary topic of conversation. You'll notice the crowd ends up becoming a lot more reasonable.
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Make a thread for Civ 5 in the Video Games forum. I'm locking this thread since it's complaining about another forum.

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