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OK, I'm working on a sequel to one of my stories, and in order to follow the plot of this current book, you have to know the gist of the previous book's plot. However, I obviously can't assume that all my readers will have read the previous book (especially since it's unpublished, and I don't know which will be published first).

So, I decided to start the narration with a summary of the previous book's plot. But I'm worried that I didn't explain it well enough. So could you guys read it over and tell me if a person who hasn't read the previous book could understand this summary?

Ten years ago, my life fell apart.

I'd been pursuing 'the Duster' for almost 20 years by then - most of my life after becoming a vampire. He was a vampire slayer who could kill with a single touch. And he was an acient ruler who'd been sealed away for two thousand years, and I and some friends of mine had tried and failed to keep him from getting free.

Ten years ago, I finally found him, and defeated him. But he'd had a son in that time, a boy with the same powers as he had. And that boy caught me.

My memory is sketchy after that. But I do know that the kid turned out to have mind control powers. And he used them on me, getting me to help him kill several people, including my mentor, Snowbird.

My friend and detective partner, a moonlighter named Zoldrak, figured out that I wasn't in my right mind and saved me. But the damage to my mind wasn't easily undone. It took the next ten years to get me thinking properly again. For the first three or so, I was relearning basic skills, like speech and using the bathroom. The rest of that time was spent unlearning what he'd made me believe - most importantly, learning that Zoldrak was my friend, not my enemy. Many times I tried to kill him during my recovery.

Now, I was finally ready to get back to work. Or, at least, I thought I was ready.
If I'm asking for advice on a story idea, don't tell me it can't be done.
Seems pretty straightforward to me. For stuff that's relevant to this story, the only thing we don't know is why the Duster had powers.
^ The protagonist doesn't even know that.
If I'm asking for advice on a story idea, don't tell me it can't be done.
Okay then, it works. Gives me many questions, but that's what the first story is for. There's nothing else that I need to know to enjoy this one.
Now, I was finally ready to get back to work

This sentence looks a bit funny, 'cos of using "now" and past tense in the same sentence. But otherwise I think it's good. Seems too infodumpy to be enjoyable, but it gets the job done.
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