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The word "Obamacare."
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The word "Obamacare.":

 51 Major Tom, Mon, 30th May '11 7:03:30 AM Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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^^^ Obamacare mandates health insurance coverage purchases (either through work or by self). When provided through employment this way it adds on costs to the business not related directly to payroll. In effect, each employee regardless of pay level beforehand just got a lot more expensive. Meaning businesses will have less money to hire and thus will fail to hire larger amounts of people.

Thus unemployment goes up as the mandate stifles job creation merely by raising costs on businesses.

That's been one of the major arguments against Obamacare.

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Of course, it's partially BS, since healthy employees are actually less expensive than sick ones.

But hey, if you want, we can always develop a national health care plan like pretty much everybody else in the free world.

That will reduce costs, and since people won't be hamstrung by their need to keep employment in order to have insurance, will increase entrepreneurship opportunities.

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The Obamacare bill is far too long, so I didn't read it. 3000 pages of legalese are too much for me.

I honestly ain't got no idea why the GOP insists that Obamacare is a commie law. If anything, it's a corporatist one:

As far as I know, the bill mandates employers to give health care benefits, and funds are approportioned for a slush fund that will insure those who are deemed to be uninsurable, or subsidize companies to insure people with pre-existing conditions.

The rest of it (and it's a long rest) is red tape and various regulations crammed inside, some of it affecting insurance companies's liability towards claims and doing a superficial reform of malpractice suits.

Did I get it wrong? 'Cause from what I gathered, the law is not particularly commie.
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the reason they insist the bill is alternately communist or socialist is because they have a vested interest in both aiding corporations and making the common smalltown low income voter (their largest bases) happy.

If those groups think the GOP is defending them from evil Communist undermining of the nation, alls hunky dory.

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 55 Hungry Joe, Mon, 30th May '11 8:05:50 AM from Under the Tree
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 56 storyyeller, Mon, 30th May '11 8:17:48 AM from Appleloosa Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
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^^^ If there is one thing that has characterized Republican comments on the law, it is a complete absence of truth. Because they realize that if you say something enough times, people will think it's true, and that's what wins elections.
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Especially hilarious, since technically, "obamacare" is a REPUBLICAN LAW

 58 Delles, Mon, 30th May '11 10:02:06 AM from Madmen Pavillion
[up]Then, the Republicans are publicly screaming that their own law is responsible for all their complaints? Well, I think they're making some progress into being more self-critical. Maybe they'll even be more altruist next.

edited 30th May '11 10:12:39 AM by Delles

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Progress does not include absolute blind denial that the ideas were originally their own.

Gunpla is amazing!
Its simply because Obama is behind it.

Had bush made this law they'd be screaming from the top of the mountains how this will fix healthcare.

 61 Delles, Mon, 30th May '11 10:18:07 AM from Madmen Pavillion
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Obama's name contains a high ratio of vowels to consonants. His name is irresistible when making up words.

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 63 Delles, Mon, 30th May '11 11:22:23 AM from Madmen Pavillion
Still not a reason to blame him for their own fault. In fact, that'd be the most childish reason ever stuttered by the Republicans, and they've done good, laughable ones.
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 64 storyyeller, Mon, 30th May '11 7:36:50 PM from Appleloosa Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
More like giant cherries
It would be funny if the Democrats started taking a page out of their book. I can just picture the Repeal the Granny-killing Repeal Medicare Act Act
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 65 Hungry Joe, Mon, 30th May '11 7:40:06 PM from Under the Tree
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Charlie Tunoku is a lover and a fighter.
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