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Hasa Diga Eebowai is stuck in my head.

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There's a thread in just awes me.
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So... can we talk about the show here anyway?

I love it so much. Someone else is going to have to start talking before my mind can manage specifics because dang, this show is like 99% perfect and 1% Still Pretty Awesome.
Ugh, I've only ever listened to the soundtrack, but it looks amazing.

I hope they start 'touring', or however it is that plays work.
First off, it is a cast recording, not a soundtrack.

Second, yeah, tour starts this year.
It's easy, mmkay?
I hope that they release a special edition cast album or something with all the reprises on it. sad
At first I didn't realize I needed all this stuff...
Maybe in like thirty years or something.
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My mom was telling me how she wants to see this show. After reading the script which a friend of mine let me have, I wonder if she actually knows anything about it.
Saw it on Saturday, finally...a hurricane thwarted our attempts to see it late last August, but we got there. Everything the rave reviews say is true: It's a rock-solid musical that was mostly the funniest thing I'd seen in a while but is capable of other emotions when necessary. Though Cunningham was played in this performance by his standby, I don't think that really affected things much, and I think that's necessary for the two-show days. On the whole, especially to the not-very-religious like me, it's not even that offensive...the baby-fucking jokes and general AIDS jokes, which are strategically placed, are probably the most cringe-inducing. And there's a lot of talk about the clitoris, sometimes when you least expect it. Also, a kind of gross repeated line by one guy that you probably already know about if you've heard the songs.

There wasn't much legroom at my seat. More would have made the whole experience more enjoyable. But that could happen anywhere...
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Finally got around to listening to the cast recording myself. Absolutely adore Hasa Diga Eebowai for humorously pointing out EVERYTHING wrong with africa that people want to ignore.
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Found out about The Book of Mormon through South Park vines and was absolutely HYPED, but never thought I'd actually get to see it. My boyfriend surprised me and we went March 25th last year and it's like the highlight of my life. I want to go again while I can. The place absolutely DIED when "Man Up" started but my favourite is a mix between "Tomorrow is a Latter Day" and "I Believe". I was crushed when "Orlando" wasn't on the cast recording.
What really makes me sad is that the chances of this musical coming to Brazil are non-existant. No one knows who da fuck the Mormons are here. But they do love Orlando.

And I remember when they brought Avenue Q over here. When Gary Coleman showed up, Princeton had to turn to the audience and explain who he was in one short line. You could just hear the "aaaaaaaaaaaaah no I don't get it" echoing through the audience.
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That song is brilliant. Seems more like Africa is rather than the pap disneyfication "Hakuna matata" would have you believe.
Yeah, that's kinda the joke.

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The fact that this show is coming to my city and I can't afford tickets depresses me.

In any case, Turn It Off and Hasa Diga Eebowai are both highly offensive, hilarious, and incredibly catchy.

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Checking in on this rather late, but I recently had the chance to see The Book of Mormon live. It was, in a word, fantastic. The writing was hilarious but also thoughtful, the music incredibly catchy, and the choreography was impressive. If any of you Tropers get the chance to see it, get thee to a theatre!
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Being a Christian, I listened to the musical recording, and I gotta say, I'm actually surprised that, for all its slander at religion in the opening half, it ultimately ends with a positive view of it as a whole.
Honestly, I think thats what makes Book of Mormon a great show even for filthy atheists like me. Its nice to see that they can point out that while yes, Mormonism has a lot of hilarious flaws to riff on, that in the end, mormons really are by and large good people trying to make the world better.

Which really, is the message I think all faiths (and non-faiths) should take. Have the ability to acknowledge whats silly about your belief systems, and that no matter your belief system, that doesnt affect the fact that some people are just good, caring people.
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Watched it as the national tour is in town this week.

It was really good. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
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So...guess who saw The Book of Mormon...

  • with his family when it was playing at the Adrienne Arsht Center yesterday,
  • went from having seats in the fourth level of the theater to having essentially front row seats,
  • smiled so hard he had to massage his cheeks later because they were getting sore,
  • laughed so hard, his right side was literally hurting,
  • and scored a tote bag and two selfies with one of the cast members?

(Takes a deep breath as if preparing to shout)

<whispers> This guy! <whispers>

This was so much fun, you guys! grinsmilegrin
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