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Hey guys, Me and my friends are finishing a game which will be released on Xbox Live Indie Games next month. It is called T.E.C. 3001 (Tesla Energy Collector) and it is third person, 3D action arcade game. You are guiding a robot through virtual space to collect energy for human kind. It will have 20 levels with many different obstacles. It's easy to learn but hard to master, especially on latter levels where robot runs with great speed.

Check out our gameplay video from the unfinished version and we will soon update topic with new videos

We need support and feedback so we can make it better so if you like it tell us something about it


also follow us on facebook it would be helpful to us. http://www.facebook.com/PhoenixGameStudio
That is cool. Can your port it to the PSN?
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Hm... it's like a much cooler Impossibly Dodgeable. You guys did a great job, I say :)

Too bad I don't have a 360, but I'd definitely consider getting this game if I could.
PSN port is now tough. But if this version goes well it will be ported to many platforms.
If you are really looking for feedback and not just viral marketing, I think you should have an option to disable the fullscreen blur effects on the boost, if you haven't already, as it makes it difficult to see what's coming up. Instead of the blur, how about moving the camera up close (like in F-Zero GX?)

After a boost, instead of instantly dropping to the default running speed, the character should gradually decelerate to make it seem like he's going faster and maintaining some of that boost. Instantly dropping speed impedes the illusion of speed.

There are some parts in that video where I thought the camera was at too low an angle to see what was coming up through the character, so if there are no camera controls you might want to look for an alternate solution.

Some more petty criticisms: The animation looks kind of spazzy, his arms are a bit too far out from his body and he doesn't bring his hands far enough forward and backward.

If you want to make it REALLY user friendly and "streamlined" you could consider making the front of every surface (that is, the part you are going to crash into if you don't jump/slide/sidestep) a different color from the floor and sides, maybe even make the color go from green at a distance and gradually shift to red up close as an indicator of distance.

If 3D is something you know how to do, I think that would work great for this game. I can't comment on it without actually playing it, and for that I'll have to wait for a PSN/PC port, so get crackin'.
Hi again.

Here is new video showing statistics screen at the end of the level. There is ranking system based on collected batteries, time and broken objects.


If you have a spare time, and you are willing to help us, and participate in our project, you can suggest to us your idea for 5 rank names. Here is our list of top 5 starting from the lowest:

1. Noob can 2. Running toster 3. Steam locomotive 4. Mr. speedy 5. Lamborghini robot

Post your ideas here on forum or on youtube. Thx everybody for help.
One more post from us, this time new gameplay with fixed animations, sparks, new textures, new hud etc.

The game finally gets its final look so check it out


We are now making an official trailer for Indie Summer Uprising event
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Congratulations on getting endorsed by Matt and Pat!
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