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26 vijeno18th May 2011 12:12:59 AM from Vienna, Austria
Like, for example, I did try "green smoothies" twice. They gave me terrible heartburns. On one raw fruitists' forum, the advice I got was to stick with it, because "my body will adapt". How long would it take for my body to adapt? Weeks, if not months.

To this, my immediate common sense civilised response is, "Get thee back into hell whenst thou cam'st from, thou devilish foe!"
27 Bur18th May 2011 07:34:27 AM from Flyover Country , Relationship Status: Not war
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Nothing wrong with processed foods and things full of questionable ingredients that may one day pickle you. moderation.

One thing I always do, and it's something my parents in the last few years finally saw the wisdom of, is when eating at a restaurant to divide all the food you get in half. You eat half and take half home. You get the approximate serving you're supposed to eat and you have lunch/dinner for the next day.
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28 vijeno18th May 2011 10:06:07 AM from Vienna, Austria
[up] Ha! Moderation! Thank you! That's the word I was looking for all day...

In short: Do eat unhealthy food with moderation; and also do eat healthy food with moderation, at least as long as we're not 100% positive what actually constitutes "healthy" with regards to food.

I must say I still find it quite fascinating, though, that a few days of daily home-made smoothies are enough to make my beloved Starbucks Vanilla Latte taste almost unbearably sweet. I may have to stop the smoothies so I can enjoy my unhealthy coffee!!! :-P
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Do eat unhealthy food with moderation
That's a very weird conclusion to come to, especially since everyone who knows what they're talking about always says that people should eat healthy food.

Also, why do people always assume that healthy = not tasty? Drinking milk with (natural) honey is definitely tasty, and definitely healthy. So is (real) jam.

And vegetables taste awesome.
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30 vijeno18th May 2011 11:57:11 AM from Vienna, Austria
[up] Yeah, it may sound weird, but it starts getting much more rational if you agree that "healthy" seems to include diversity and moderation.

Like, a few fruit smoothies are definitely healthy, but once you base your whole diet on them, you have to ask yourself what happens if you never chew your food. I bet that saliva was there for a reason. And I also bet that it can't be too healthy to have an ongoing fructose binge as the basis of your diet.

Like, apples are healthy - but ONLY apples? ... I don't think so. Remember poor Woyzek!

You might say that I am aiming at this: "Healthy" is not the same as healthy.

So, in essence I think that a little bit of the "unhealthy" stuff really isn't all that unhealthy. Overdoing one particular type of food might be much more dangerous to your health in the long run than mixing in a few "bad" substances here and there.

Of course, I'm talking about months and years here, not about weeks or days. If you only eat apples and figs for a week, I doubt that anything bad will happen. You just shouldn't base your whole life on that.

Oh, and I agree that fruit and vegetables taste great. And I also think that you can only really taste them after you cut down on the burgers and chocolate bars.

Also, I reeeeally wouldn't want to miss out on my falafel, just because it's cooked in oil!

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Also, why do people always assume that healthy = not tasty? Drinking milk with (natural) honey is definitely tasty, and definitely healthy. So is (real) jam.
I agreed with the first sentence, but not the second. Ewww D:
As for Tom Billings and that link, of course you can get addicted to avocados. You can get addicted to almost anything.

To be fair, I can totally see how someone on a piddly little fruit diet would get addicted to avocados and not, say, blackberries. It's probably their main source of fat.
[up] They're also delicious.
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34 Pingu18th May 2011 07:00:11 PM , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
Expensive, though. :(
Why must everything delicious be so expensive? Artichokes are the same.
"I don't know how I do it. I'm like the Mr. Bean of sex." -Drunkscriblerian
I found the best way to diet is to go on the "See Food" diet...and then blindfold yourself.
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37 vijeno23rd May 2011 10:09:08 AM from Vienna, Austria


So in short, a guy who is into raw food and smoothies and stuff, now tells us that if you want to conceive, you should drink smoothies "to rebuild the genetical structure of your body", expose your testicles to sunlight(!) and not have an orgasm for a few weeks because then the sperm will be "stronger".

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... it hurts! It hurts! It hurts so much!!!!

Face Palm!

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38 LoniJay23rd May 2011 08:37:29 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Well, they do tell couples trying to conceive to have sex every third night rather than every night. It gives the sperm count time to climb back up again.
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39 vijeno24th May 2011 05:48:33 AM from Vienna, Austria
Yeah, but the sperm don't get stronger. That's just BS.
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