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Best system for JRPGs?:

With the PS2 a distant memory and the DS dying in favor of the 3DS, and as a fan of JRP Gs, I'd like to ask the question in the topic line: what modern system do you think is the best for the genre, either in current or upcoming titles, or both?

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I'm no expert on the genre, but it seems like the PS3 gets the largest amount and most popular JRP Gs. There's the Nippon Ichi games (Disgaea, Cross Edge, Hyperdimension Neptunia, etc.), Final Fantasy Versus XIII, White Knight Chronicles (if you don't think it's mediocre), and Demon's Souls, among others.
The PS3 and PSP, until the 3DS's library fills out.

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I suggest...handheld consoles.

DS or PSP. More so on the DS.
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Isn't the PS3 going to wither and die because of all the bad publicity lately...? (Half serious question.)

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I don't remember many JRP Gs that have online play.
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The Ps3 is going to die and wither because it is a 5 year console. It was alreddy on schedule to be replaced really (every console after the NES has lasted that, except the Xbox, which lasted 4 years).

So TC, just wait till the new consoles are all out.

You could also get a PC instead.

Also: DS still has De Su 2 coming.

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 8 Beorc, Mon, 9th May '11 5:16:13 PM from the white void Relationship Status: I know
Er, are JRP Gs that common on the PC? I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to PC games, admitteldly.

Depends on how you define jRPG and your morals.

They're not. Short of a few Square Enix ports here and there, a PC isn't what you're looking for if you want JRP Gs.

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DS = GBA + DS games

PSP = PSP games and PSN (Oh wait...)
You're much better with a portable of some sort than any consoles.
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It's funny how the Final Fantasy games in handhelds are so much better than the big budget Final Fantasy games that people rag on all the time, yet no one but those who own the handhelds are aware of those game's existence. waii

And if you're deciding to buy one of the 2 handhelds based on which has Kingdom Hearts...both PSP and DS have a Kingdom Hearts game, two different ones at that...of course, the DS can play Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories too, but that's a GBA game.

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PC with SNES, PSX, and genesis emulators.

You're much better with a portable of some sort than any consoles.

Pretty much. Japanese developers have largely migrated to handhelds this gen, and so have their RP Gs.

PSP is easily the best in this regard. In the past year, it's been an absolute haven for JRP Gs. The PS3 and DS have fairly strong JRPG libraries, too.

The 360 and Wii? lol

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PSP and DS by far. You can argue about which has the better ones, but it's no contest that these two are the way to go for jrpg fun.

Plus, the systems and their games are relatively cheap.
 19 Al Ciao, Tue, 10th May '11 4:52:30 AM from Tennessee
Handhelds are definitely the way to go. However, i think its worth mentioning that the Xbox 360 - NOT a system known for its jrpgs - has Lost Odyssey, an excellent jrpg thats a little off the beaten path. And this is coming from a guy who normally detests jrpgs.
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 20 Beorc, Tue, 10th May '11 8:13:20 AM from the white void Relationship Status: I know
The Xbox 360 also has Tales of Vesperia...those two are pretty much the only reason I'd think about getting a 360 though, so I dunno.

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If you want Tales of Vesperia, I suggest you get a PS3's far superior to the 360 version, since the one in 360 is an incomplete game.
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 22 Mr Pastry, Tue, 10th May '11 10:33:06 AM from Japanifornia
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You do realize that's Japan Only as of now, right?
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Really? Sucks...

It's just like with Nier, Monado, The Last Story, and that Mario game...

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[up][up][up] Oh, don't you dare start with that "360 version is a beta WAAAAAHHHHHH" bullshit. I got enough of that whining at Gamefaqs.
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The game Tales of Vesperia is definitely a console seller. Because in my opinion and many others, it is the best jRPG in recent year. When talking about classically styled jRPGs and not tRPGs or so, Tales of has really taken the lead while others have fallen behind. I'd say Disgaea, Pokemon, and Tales of, are three of the ones still most going strong. And Disgaea is a Strategy RPG.

Of course, it all depends on taste, but I personally recommend that the OP go for the XBOX 360. Unless you are going specifically for a Disgaea system, in which the PlayStation and Sony systems in general would definitely be your best bet.

So in closing, I guess it boils down to this. Do you want TRP Gs? If so, go with Sony and maybe Nintendo. If you want Console-style "jRPGs" of the classic variety, go with Microsoft/Nintendo. There's no point in waiting for the possibility that Namco is going to give an English release for their PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Tales of titles. And I take it you are considering buying now. Final Fantasy XIII, which sold many RPG fans the Sony PlayStation 3, flopped and disappointed tremendously, and not only that, but is available for the XBOX 360. Along with Eternal Sonata, although more along the lines of 'lukewarm'(it's definitely something to look into for classical/jRPG fans. And you should definitely be a classical fan.). Tales of Vesperia is definitely the jRPG masterwork of our generation. And if someone is going to centre a purchase around jRPGs like Final Fantasy fans did with Sony, you should definitely hold the XBOX 360 as your preference.

It's good to find fellow jRPG fans, by the way.
I suggest you get a PS3's far superior to the 360 version, since the one in 360 is an incomplete game.
You could say the same thing about the Gamecube version of Tales of Symphonia. It has MUCH less features than the PlayStation 2 version. That being said, Tales of Symphonia is one of the most solid titles for the Gamecube(take THAT, jRPG haters!), and certainly worth playing first if you are not fluent in Japanese. They hire some pretty talented English voice actors for their games, as well. I've had very few complaints about most of their English voice actors. So even if you're a purist for Japanese audio, like I am, it isn't going to be that bad.

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