Complaining bout grinding in RPGs, are they just approaching it WRONG?:

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Those stopped working after Golem in Dragon Warrior, especially by the point spells stop working entirely

Again this is objectively wrong.

Every boss is, at the very least, vulnerable to the stat reducing debuffs, and usually to other status effects as well.
127 RocketDude12th May 2011 05:08:03 PM from AZ, United States
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About Random Encounters: Usually, Grinding can be done so that you can survive them.

In other RPG games, you can see enemies coming from a good distance away and run.
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[up]Not sure if I follow. Most RPGs with Random Encounters I've played just need you to never run an encounter and have healing items. Griding is rarely necessary.
129 CalicoJack13th May 2011 06:32:51 AM from Somewhere Piratey
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Well personally I'm not the type to grind as a matter of course, and I get annoyed when a story element forces me to do so. Still, as I get better over the years that tends to become a rarer experience. Bosses that used to murder me on Final Fantasy I now feel aren't tough enough to be a proper challenge.

I think that the ideal difficulty curve should be that so pretty much any party/skill composition can defeat any given boss at the average level that players would be at at that point in the game, but it should be a tough fight.

Some games do have grinding as pretty unavoidable though, like Pokemon or the Mega Ten games.
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130 Kinkajou13th May 2011 06:37:59 AM from you're not your
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Or there are games where grinding is unnecessary.
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[up][up]Eh, most megaten games that I've played don't need grinding if you do more than just hit attack attack attack. The closest is sometimes I may level up demons/persons for new skills, and thats usually rare too

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"most or even all Final Fantasy games can be easily beaten WITHOUT grinding"

Nope. 3's DS version at minimum forces you to grind explicitly. 2 is very much infamous for being impossible without some form of grinding, especially for the Famicom version. More may also fall into this if we ignore low level challenges as non-standard play.

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Having played, and beaten Final Fantasy 3 in the DS. I disagree completely.

Yes, Garuda is a bitch with his "kill entire party before you can move in the first turn" double lightning, but in the end, all you need to know is that he can't survive Dragoon's jump attack. He's the hardest boss in the game, but if you can beat him, you can handle anything afterwards.

Your characters become so overpowering in the end that even the last boss that continuously spam that Particle Beam attack becomes insignificant.

And not once did I grind, unless you call unlocking those 3 optional summons grinding.

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I mean the "job adjustment" thing.
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You mean how we need to fight a few battles just to get rid of the penalty?

Same thing. Never bothered to grind. Remember, going from point A to point B will result in a number of random encounters. Fighting those on the way is enough to let your characters adjust to the new job.
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