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Two pics now?: Zettai Ryouiki
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Two pics now?: Zettai Ryouiki get usage counts

Cure Candy
Troper Pavlov added This picture to the page while stating "We seemed to be missing a basic explanation." over the current picture.

The new image gives the ranking system common to this trope and is rather nice but boy did he screw it up. (I have removed the new pic pending results of this thread) New or old stays?

Also this pic was in the discussion page [1]
 2 Willbyr, Wed, 4th May '11 6:25:48 AM from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
I fixed the page's been a while since I've read that page, what's wrong with the multi-legs pic aside from the lack of Class S?

edited 4th May '11 6:26:25 AM by Willbyr

Cure Candy
There were both pics on the page so I made a thread to decide which to use.

edited 4th May '11 6:44:36 AM by Raso

 4 Willbyr, Wed, 4th May '11 6:27:51 AM from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Oh, gotcha, that's what the original link meant. Hmmmm...I dunno, I don't really mind the new pic. If we're gonna stick with one pair of legs, I'd rather have the whole body in the shot, or at least from waist to feet.
 5 Edmania, Wed, 4th May '11 6:30:16 AM from under a pile of erasers
o hai
...can someone tell me what the difference between grade S and A is supposed to be here?
If people learned from their mistakes, there wouldn't be this thing called bad habits.
Cure Candy
Well I am kinda ok with the new pic although only Class C and above should actually go on the page.

Class S is Class A with Girlish Pigtails and a Tsundere attitude its a full package.

The perfect class S.

edited 4th May '11 6:34:24 AM by Raso

 7 Deboss, Wed, 4th May '11 6:31:13 AM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Ah, that's a good point. Prefer the collage. However, you could modify it with a Class S. If one can't be found I suggest a line of text "There is an image here, the sexiness just burned a hole in your retina. See a doctor."
"Class S" is more of an in-joke.

I don't think we actually need to picture it. (It would require a lot of picture too, Twintails and Tsundere personality.)

I like the New picture best, has all the "ranks"

edited 4th May '11 6:57:14 AM by Sackett

Cure Candy
[up] But would you seriously put a Class D or E on the page itself? Its just normal socks.

edited 4th May '11 6:58:39 AM by Raso

 10 Japanese Teeth, Wed, 4th May '11 7:32:07 AM from Meinong's jungle Relationship Status: Mu
[up]We could just crop the collage picture off under class d and just have the top 4 ranks.
Cure Candy
It would be nice to know where that troper got the picture from listing the top 3 and resizing it appropriately would be great.

Tin Eye doesnt give shit.
Together Forever...
He got the images here

Cure Candy
Interesting writeup there... actually very educational on the trope.

E is 16 cm above the shoe and D is 26 cm C is just below the knee cap, B is over the Knee cap and A is the literal meaning of this trope!

If you are a Grade A user, kindly contact me via email. kthx!


Anyway boy do I feel dumb for missing the fact that the link there was already on our page...

edited 4th May '11 9:06:55 AM by Raso

Following Raso's suggestion of using the top three ranks:

I agree we don't need Grade S on the picture (and it would be hard to show, anyway), as it is a joke. I think we should reference to it in the caption, though.

[up]Nice I feel there is too much blank space, though.

edited 4th May '11 9:21:15 AM by Heatth

Cure Candy
Stack them one on top of the other?
[up]Maybe it could work. The downside is it would be unnecessarily long. However, the description is quite big, anyway, so it won't look bad on the page.

 18 shimaspawn, Wed, 4th May '11 9:29:28 AM from Here and Now Relationship Status: In your bunk
Yeah, the page description is long enough that going down vertical won't be longer than the text.
Reality is that, which when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.

-Philip K. Dick
Cure Candy
Yeah that would work well. Do it C B then A. Add in the caption

"Add Twin Tails and Tsundere for Grade S."
I tweaked the caption a bit, but I think both could work.

Add a cup of Tsundere and mix with Twin Tails for a Grade S

 21 shimaspawn, Wed, 4th May '11 9:58:05 AM from Here and Now Relationship Status: In your bunk
You should probably cut some of the white space on the sides of the image.
Reality is that, which when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.

-Philip K. Dick
Cure Candy
Ok your far more creative than I am on captions... And yeah the description is long enough that you can cut the white spaces around the images and let the images expand a bit so we can actually see them Sexy Legs (EDIT: ok I need to go to bed).

edited 4th May '11 10:01:08 AM by Raso

I purposefully left that space, becuase it wouldn't have made the 250px limit without it. I will try resizing to see how it turns out.

EDIT: Here is my resized attempt:

edited 4th May '11 10:41:33 AM by shark33

 24 shimaspawn, Wed, 4th May '11 11:01:24 AM from Here and Now Relationship Status: In your bunk
Work from the originals. Those look really pixilated.
Reality is that, which when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.

-Philip K. Dick
Yeah, I didn't notice that the article had the full images.

This is way better:

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