Is 'Shear Genius" CANCELLED?:

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The only airing of Shear Genius for the forseeable future is a showing of the second season's DOG CUTTING episode on Monday!

Did Bravo cancel this great show?

A reason why is that soon after season three ended, NBC let sister channel Oxygen air the similar show Hair Bettle Spectacular. This is similar to the tactic of NBC cancelling Tease soon after its debut!

Is SG gone forever?

I Am The Walrus
Well, it is turning into the Real Housewives, Top Chef and Watch What Happens network. Those are the only three shows that ever seem to be on.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a few more Real Housewives spinoffs happen (the shows are dull and glorify vanity but they make Bravo a lot of money). I'm betting one of them is in Texas (surprising that there hasn't been an attempt at a real-life version of Dallas).

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Bravo's going to follow the money trail. I'd be surprised if Shear Genius does as well as Bravo's other creativity-centered reality shows, because it just doesn't work as well. Project Runway's design projects (and yes, I'm aware that it's no longer on Bravo) are more interesting because they are more complex and take longer to develop, and Top Chef's kitchen setting allows a lot more flexibility in the kinds of challenges that can be done. Plus, contrary to the name, the contestants on Shear Genius tend to be pretty stupid. I personally wouldn't miss it, but I hope Tabitha's spinoff sticks around. I love seeing her stick it to arrogant idiots.

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But, dementia 13, Shear Genius does not deserve the same fate as the dreadful Top Design!

Tabatha Takes Over will debut on January 10!

Anybody hoping to see Shear Genius return?

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