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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, new SHAFT series, and its, well...SHAFT!

Surprisingly (or not) its awesome, but also insane.

Erio is love, but who knows whats really up with her, and she's fucking gorgeous.

Her mother, Touwa Meme, is...slightly less nuts, but still nuts. She's got the body of Miura Azusa, and the voice of Nonaka Ai, which is...odd.. And at 39 years old, she may just be Nonaka Ai's oldest character ever!

And the lead, Niwa Makoto, is surprisingly likable. And its nice to have a 17 year old male protagonist who is most definitely into girls, and definitely likes checking them out, but doesn't take it to ludicrously stupid/comedic levels.

Oh, whats the show about? I have no fucking clue!

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Oh My
First off I want you to know that I read all your posts in the voices my mind assigns to Shine and Latooni. The voices speak at the same time of course.

Moving on...

...the fuck? Well now...must look into this matter.
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o hai
I just want to watch this because I think the long blue haired girl is cute.

I don't actually know what the hell it's about and I doubt the title is going to help me very much.
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^Watching it won't help much either, let me tell you that.

I do have to say that I really enjoy Erio's cute futon-accent, though.

Oh... what translator are y'all using? I'm not liking Underwater-Commie too well so far; they have some good lines and they always get the sense across, but I'm going to take a look at Mazui before I decide who to follow through the show.
It's... interesting. Not sure what to make of it yet
Makoto isn't unlikable, but I'm not finding much about him (yet) that is particularly interesting. I guess the thing about him that's most interesting to me so far is that he's aware of how his situation sounds like it's straight out of a story.

I'm going to get bored if I have no idea what's going on soon, though.

I'm not liking the aunt's moe moe voice, but that's pretty subjective.

My feelings on it right now are hovering somewhere between "What the heck was that all about?", "Meh", and "Well, it was tolerable." Hopefully they'll change.
So, seems Mazui is about the same in terms of their pluses and minuses... I may stick with UC just for the heck of it.
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Underwater-Commie and Mazui are about equal in my eyes, I'll just go with whoever releases first each week, unless I find I like one of them much more than the other.

Too Good For You
Mfw those character designs. Ami Kawashima (voiced by fucking Kyouko Sakura) plays Mikado Ryuugamine's aunt, and a teenage Index thinks she's an alien. The first episode was actually not all that captivating but I think I'll keep watching this just for the cognitive dissonance.
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MWF? My Face When? My f*king Word? Mother F*cking Win? Mother F*cking Willy?

Anyways downloading this now... very excited if its being compared to Bakemonogatari.
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The other one.
I like it. Miss Futon is hilarious, and Meme's insistence on ignoring her existence, while vaguely creepy, comes off in a really entertaining manner. As for what group to watch, Underwater-Commie is the only one I've seen release it, So Yeah... I'll check out the Mazui subs, but I'll probably stick with UC for this one.
Can't catch me.
[up][up] If it' being compared to Bakemonogatari, I guess I'm watching it. *adds to list*
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^It's similar to Bakemonogatari in a lot of ways, artistically at least. There are a few shots of Erio where she looks like Senjougahara, for instance (if you ignore the blue hair), and the SHAFT Angle is definitely in play.
Halfway through the first episode. First thoughts:

  • Enjoyable, but I hated the singing for the OP. The rest of the backing music was decent though, although The vocals were too loud.
  • Is that Mikado's voice actor for the male lead?
Imagine Rakan applying Calling Your Attacks to doing paperwork.~Anarchy

Rakan for the hell of it COMMISSION THIS BRIDGE!~EHK
Too Good For You
I checked and no, though they do sound pretty similar. Mikado is Toshiyuki Toyonaga and Makoto is Miyu Irino.
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Imagine Rakan applying Calling Your Attacks to doing paperwork.~Anarchy

Rakan for the hell of it COMMISSION THIS BRIDGE!~EHK
It's apparently Irino Miyu, who voiced Ryoushi and Sanada. Those are the roles I most recognize, anyway. He's also Jinta in Ano Hana.


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You know, checking the ANN Encyclopedia is the fastest way to find this stuff out.

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o hai

T-this is...




I hope Erio puts the futon on in later episodes too, for some reason I find it incredibly amusing whenever she's moving in it or talking in it(talking about anything, the voice itself is what entertains me.)

With that said though I have no idea how she breathes.

Also WTF at Meme being 39 years old.

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If people learned from their mistakes, there wouldn't be this thing called bad habits.
^I know, right?! Even if you don't speak Japanese, her futon-voice is just entertaining.
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I guess this is a show where I'm at the mercy of the translators. I don't much like that feeling.

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How do you mean? Or rather, in which cases - Erio's futon-speak, or just in general?
The futon speak was so adorable.

I've lost count on how many shows this season have left me saying, "what the hell did I just watched?".
24 Clarste15th Apr 2011 10:53:09 PM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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They talk really fast and have bizarre dialog. Even the supposed "normal" guy has pretty weird lines.
It's a perfect SHAFT show, really.

And yes, they do speak very fast. I can pick up enough to get the gist, sometimes, and for the most part the translators get things right... plus I trust Mazui, since I liked their treatment of Angel Beats!.

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