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Tropers: Thenamelesssamurai

I discovered this place by accident, when I was looking up information on common elements and tropes in revenge stories and discovered the Until Death Do Us Part page. That led to a 6 hour wiki walk. After 6 or so months, I migrated to the forums and here I am. As for a little info about me, I'm a 22 year old college student studying to be a recording/mixing engineer. When I'm not studying or recording and mixing, I usually practice trombone or guitar, listen to music, read philosophy, consume other forms of media not already mentioned and occasionally lurk/dick around on this site.


This page looked lonely, so I decided to put something on it. -A Stranger

Thanks for the kind words, friend. Terrkerr

An infinite +1 gush for the Only Politely Sane Man of this site. ~dRoy

You're a good man, and your vandalization made me laugh. I'm upset that I can't return the favor. —Awww I'm in your sig I don't think I've ever been more proud. ~EHK

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