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[1]. A personification of in-jokes and our own insanity... but could she be more? Here, in this thread, I attempt to tie together all the aspects listed into one cohesive... THING. So, tell me what you think so far!

Trope Tan was born Topaz Min Tanaka on April First, 2004, alongside her two sisters Misti Wafiya Tanaka and Darcey Michiko Tanaka. The triplets were loved by their mother very much, and she would often watch her favorite show about a teeanage warrior fighting demons with her three girls. This may or may not have impacted their development...

When the triplets were eight months old, a spacetime warpwave impacted them and scattered them amongst the past. Where Misti landed is something she keeps secret, but the young Darcey ended up in 1985, discovered by a magician living in the Soviet Union. And Topaz? She went further... and ended up in the streets of Atlantis.

Because of her fangs and young age, she couldn't properly pronounce her name. But the lady at the orphanage interpreted her words as "Trope as in Tan," and thus was she called.

Now in this time, Crystals were used to create various devices. And amongst the Crystal craftsman, there was one called a Dragon, for his crafts were always great. It came to pass that this man desired a daughter, but not a wife, so he came to the orphanage seeking one such child. And he found a girl with BLUE HAIR, and he instantly fell in love. He adopted the girl on the spot, taking her home...

...where he found another girl, this one much older, waiting for him.

This mysterious waif informed the Crystal Dragon that his adopted daughter was from THE FUTURE, and needed to return there. The Crystal Dragon agreed to be sent into the future, alongside all his equipment, and thus did all three of them end up in 1995. However, while the cyan-haired girl taught the Crystal Dragon how to survive in the modern world, she was eventually pulled away by "circumstances."

Taking the name Jesus Roman, the Crystal Dragon became a crafter of toys. Unfortunately in the modern world, this was not exactly a source of much income; he and Trope-Tan were forced to get clothes from rummage sales. Still, they were a happy pair, fed enough and stable in their life. Jesus even managed to obtain a gameboy advance and television for her, secretly modifying them with Crystal technology.

For in fact, the Crystal Dragon was loathe to give up his title. He brought his tools with him, though he hid them from the child; the bright golden armor that let him create and manipulate every aspect of the mysterious crystals. In his secret room, he worked on many devices; and embedded in the door to the room was a sphere, small and red, that caused temporary lack of intellect in any who saw the door so they world forget how to open it.

Trope Tan, though she loved her adopted father, would often sneak out and head for the docks (because they lived by the shore). There she would watch, eagerly asking questions of the sailors there and sometimes joining them on their outings. She was still home-schooled then, so Jesus didn't mind; so long as she learned her lessons he was happy to let her roam. And for a time... for a time, she was innocent, for a time she was happy.

Then one day, when she was ten years old, a fine ship with a less then fine crew docked. And that night, one of them, drunk and angry, wandered the streets. His name was Chekov. And he found the blue-haired girl. And he called her demon. And he pulled out his revolver, and he aimed... And from a nearby roof did a figure in bright golden armor leap, taking the bullet AND THE GUN from the man.

It was... it was her father.

She could not believe her eyes... he let the drunk off with a warning. And then, once Chekov was away... he turned to her. And fell to his knees. Blood was flowing from his chest and she ran to him. He held her, knowing he was dying, and asked her to take this armor and hide it from any who would seek to use its power. She accepted without question, and he smiled. He told her he loved her so very much... and then he died.

Trope Tan took her father's armor and hid most of it in a suitcase, although she kept the goggles and the shoes. She also kept Chekov's gun, a reminder that the world was a harsh place. She had to hide it from the orphanage that snapped her up, but that was quite easy for her to do; her talent with machines and crafting in general had already begun to manifest itself. In fact, she would rig up her shoes to contain a cell phone, one of her first macgyvering projects.

On her sixteenth birthday, leaving the high school, Trope Tan saw an old dog staring at her. It turned and she decided to follow it; the journey ended in her old house. Picking up a small, inert red sphere from the ground, Trope-tan discovered a door she had never noticed before; this was very starnge as hte door was very old. So she opened it, went in, and found her father's old Crystal Crafting Chamber.

Inside the chamber she discovered a long staff with the word Tinstan etched at its tip. She grabbed it and was shocked when a large amount of thin, hairlike extensions feathered out. This.... this was a big freaking quill in her hands! And a message went into her mind, a message finally informing her of her father's secrets. Tinstan was his last gift to her; a quill that would spread knowledge throughout the realms of the mind.

For in his final days, the mysterious Waif had returned to Jesus and told him of Wikimedea. Once upon a time, Wikimedia was devoted to knowledge running free; but time had gone and made her jealous, and she composed a constraining set of rules to those who wished to give knowledge, her lust demanding a quality high and citable. If this trend continued, if this dark grasp became tighter, knowledge might soon be hoarded away from the masses. And so Jesus forged a great weapon with his crystal knowledge, but he had died before he could use it; all that remained of his efforts were the quill and the recorded message now floating through Trope Tan's mind.

Trope-Tan immediately decided this was an important task, and used her instant mastery of Tinstan to transform an old fridge into a portal to the world of the mind. The old dog leapt through the fridge after her, and decided to hang around the girl while she stood amazed by the now very structured parallel world. Eventually, Trope-tan decided to adopt the old dog and call him Tropey. The dog barked happily at this and gave her a small device that resembled him IN MINIATURE. Trope-Tan began running through the world of the mind, reviving elements of fiction wherever she came across them! But, sadly, she had to return to the real world all too soon; it was going to be dinnertime at the orphanage soon and she didn't want to miss meatloaf day.

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Did you ever consider fiction might be fact?
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Too much focus on Crystal Dragon in that second part. And no mention of the Wiki Witch, either. >:/
Wiki Witch hasn't happened yet. I'VE EDITED IN SOME MORE BACKSTORY.
Did you ever consider fiction might be fact?

Quick question. The fanfics "Magical Girl Anthrpomorphic Trope-tan", "Trope-tan and the Stealer of Spotlight", "Trope-tan and the Start of Darkness", "Origins of Darth-tan", and "Trope-tan and the Ordo Tropus". Does any body have links for them, I don't want to established canon!
Did you ever consider fiction might be fact?
Thanks to everyone who helped me find the links! I've added more backstory; now we know where her BFQ came from.

Incidentally, she has an Expansion Pack Past, not a Multiple-Choice Past. This is just a framework. TO be added on.
Did you ever consider fiction might be fact?
...You know, I did request reviews...
Did you ever consider fiction might be fact?
I like it! I would like to see more of it.
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