The Exchange of Haruhi Suzumiya.:

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I have an idea for a fanfic of Haruhi Suzumiya involving Haruhi becoming an exchange student, with the narration from the POV of the student at North High in her place. Here's a preview of the first chapter:

I was in trouble.

Yuki said she wanted to talk to me after class, when no one was around. Ever since the body swap, we had become close friends, each of us having learned everything there was to learn about each other. It may have seemed suspicious, but I trusted her.

I never suspected that she would do this. She had me cornered in an empty classroom at dusk, trying to will me out of existence. I fought back with my recently expanded mind, but it wasn't enough. No matter how much my mind was enhanced, I still couldn't match the willpower and mental capacity of an alien connected to a godlike entity. That entity wanted me dead. I knew too much, and it wanted me dead.

I knew it wasn't her fault, though. She made it clear to me that she didn't want to kill me. We were, after all, close friends. The Data Entity must have threatened to do something horrible to her to get her to do this.

I wondered what it could threaten her with, though; Kyon told me he made the Entity promise not to delete her. I don't know for sure how he did it, but I have an hunch, and I really hope he's bluffing.

It didn't matter now, though. I could feel myself fading as my will became overpowered by hers. The last thing I heard before I blacked out were the words "I'm sorry," with a slight sadness in her usual monotone...


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I'm a little confused about what you mean...can you give more information on the narrator?
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The Narrator's name is given out in the next part of the chapter. His name is Smith, and he's a nerd who signed up for the student exchange program.

His last name is Johnson. As you can imagine, the fact that Haruhi is being exchanged for someone named Smith Johnson is not a coincidence.
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So basically Smith takes Haruhi's place at her school and in the SOS Brigade? I bet they are very puzzled at Haruhi's exchange. Maybe they try to figure out why she did it, and also how to protect the world from her without the Brigade around.

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That's the plot, yup. As for why she did it, it's because she hopes America will be more interesting than Japan.

She of course, quickly grows bored of the Western Hemisphere in the usual fashion.

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