High-Powered Science Fiction Long Arm Concept:

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The Joke-Master
I am in the process of writing a science fiction story that involves a Heart of Darkness type expedition into alien jungle wilderness. There's a sort of post-Civil War aesthetic theme running through everything. The various characters carry an eclectic array of small arms, including futuristic firearms, gauss guns, Slammers-esque powerguns, and power swords. Overall, the weapons are reminiscent of Nineteenth century firearms.

So, I am trying to come up with a science fiction concept for a long-arm with a double-barrel configuration like a side-by-side shotgun or elephant rifle. I'm trying to think of something that would be extremely powerful and that would plausibly have a low capacity (one shot per barrel and done).

As I said, I've already got wide array of different weapons in this story, but I'm trying to avoid lasers and I'm stumped on this one.

Anyone have an idea?

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Railguns or Gaussguns would be very difficult to make automatic, and would have such an enormous energy draw that having to switch out energy packs for each shot seems perfectly reasonable for a infantry carried version.
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The Joke-Master
Yeah, a railgun would probably work best. Thanks.
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