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I was thinking... I'm writing a story in which the protagonist is dead and alive at the same time and for the time being, has acess to the afterlife. If she performs certain tasks, she's able to pick between living or dying.

But since the afterlife plays such an important role in the story and we would be able to see them after they die (even though not the characters)... Character death wouldn't cause a great impact on the reader, right?

And assuming I manage to make the heroine likeable, no would would try to strangle me the main character died at the end. Or not?

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The impact of death would be less.

I think if your readers would want to strangle you at the end of the story, for non-Wall Banger purposes, you did your job as a writer.
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It depends mostly on whether or not it makes sense for the heroine to choose death at the end. At least, it would for me. Also, it depends how they die; a traumatic death would be heart rending even if I do get to see them later, doing stuff in the afterlife. Also, depending on how they are affected by how they died, it could be really sad/funny/happy. So... really, there's ways to make it have an effect.
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