Any advice on how to write a man with an addiction?:

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I have a character who has developed an addiction,but I need some advice writing it. How does an addict act as his condition get proggresivly worse?
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Denial. And not being willing to talk about it, if he's a man. Men aren't supposed to have weaknesses, and depending on how far your character's bought into the whole "cult of masculinity" thing, this more than anything could be the cause.

Also, with addictions its a slow slide. If you want to realistically portray it, show the casual side of substance use; he's getting high, having a good time while still remembering to function as an adult. Then slowly take that functionality away from the character. And all the while, he's denying he's got a problem. Which might be true at first but would become less so as time goes on.

Just my two cents.
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^ They'll have denial whether they're a man or woman. (No matter what anyone says I do not have a sugar problem. I do not, I do not, I do NOT)

Show them always trying to excuse their behavior as they get worse. Maybe blame others occasionally. Hoewver deep down they are often thinking of the substance, Pretty soon they need to have a good time or just to be hapy. If they are an artist or writer maybe they will claim they need the substance to be 'inspired'.

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I have a similar situation. A story I've been writing (or planning to at least) stars a paranoid schizophrenic who did, in his defense, try to find help. Too bad he overdoses on his prescription pills. The story starts in the later stages of this, I need to know how he'd behave.
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I dunno, I guess they'd always feel...titchy...about it. I know people with cigarette addictions just subconciously reach for a pack before realizing what they are doing. Also, nerves go insane if they can't get it.
It's like Life has become a slow, joyless ride for the addictee, and the only thing that could make it livelier for him is dosing himself with the substance of addiction. Pull that away and you will find him a very grave man.
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Speaking from my nicotine addiction, when I don't have a cigarette, I withdraw from people around me (not walking out of the room, but I become less chatty). I could be busy with anything and my mind will ocassionally just go "hey, know what'd be nice? Smoking a fag!". Then, after a few hours, the grumpyness start. After a day, I can't think of anything but getting a smoke, and I will NOT be the nice and lovable Mister Always that people know and love (durr hurr).

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