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1 Sakan4k15th Mar 2011 04:13:30 AM from The Other Rainforest
It's a Cosmic Keystone held by the Lord of the Universe which unlocks the door separating the realms of Mortals and Gods. It has three "teeth," one tooth is shaped like the sun, one like the moon, and one like a star (I know the sun is a star, but I'm differentiating for imagery's sake). The key's shape is intentionally Awesome, but Impractical, and I'd like help in naming it and keeping with a sort of "Impossible" theme.

Or Sol, or something that can be spoken by no mortal.
4 RalphCrown15th Mar 2011 12:26:48 PM from Next Door to Nowhere
Short Hair
The Lost Center. Door's Need. The Sun of the Night in the Front of Beyond. The Heavens in Your Hand.

For extra spiffiness, translate into your version of Sperethiel.
Under World. It rocks!
5 Sakan4k15th Mar 2011 04:20:52 PM from The Other Rainforest
Ooooo. I like a few of those, Ralph. Thanks for the help! -hug-
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