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Traits Common To Irish People...:

 1 Zolnier, Sun, 13th Mar '11 6:27:13 PM from A suspiciously dull shop
The Odd Lad
So does anyone know of facial architecture, hair colors, etc common to people of Irish descent?
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 2 Sal Fish Fin, Sun, 13th Mar '11 6:39:20 PM from on top of Your Mum Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
Trolling Swordsman
Red hair is the stereotypical thing.

 3 Seventy Seven, Sun, 13th Mar '11 7:07:11 PM from Somewhere in the US
A number
Red, or brown hair; freckles; pail skin; blue or green eyes are some of the common ones I can think of. As for facial structure, I'm not entirely sure, but I think I've also seen plenty of pictures with oval-shaped faces and high cheekbones.
I'm working on it.
Stray away from red hair. Most people in Ireland have dark brown hair. Blue eyes or brown eyes as well. Small, round faces. Mesomorphic body-structures. Pale skin. Can either have a lot of freckles or a metric shitload of freckles, though not necessarily on the face, the arms and legs being quite common places as well.

And an odd little fact: it's been observed on both Irish people and Scots that the second-toe is as long as the second. This is called Celtic toe. I have no idea if this is as in-depth as you want, but I just find that fascinating.

 5 Zolnier, Sun, 13th Mar '11 8:14:51 PM from A suspiciously dull shop
The Odd Lad
What does mesomorphic mean?
Life's Gonna Suck When You Grow Up... But Is It That Great Now?...

Also I'm Skylark2 now.
People who tend to look muscly all over. Think Arnold Schwarznegger.

 7 Hopeless Situation Warrior, Sun, 13th Mar '11 9:19:54 PM from Canada. The middle part.
[up][up][up]Agreed. I've heard the average Irish person is pale with dark hair and blue eyes.

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