Need to start a Manson-based story about Radiohead or Beck...:

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1 Arthy9th Mar 2011 12:45:41 PM from Don't look, but...
Hello. I'm a pretentious white teenager who goes to school with lots of other pretentious teenagers. So, of course, it's natural that I'd be intrigued by Charles Manson's Helter Skelter obsession. Or just plain creepy. Maybe both.

You know, causing a revolution with the power of rock and all that good stuff we're supposed to be into.

When I finished reading the above article, an idea hit me: Being a white teenager, I have a friend who gave me some Beck albums saying "You gotta listen to this, man," or something to that effect. Since almost every college kid I've talked to long enough has mentioned either Radiohead or Beck and looked like they have much to teach a young grasshopper when I said "Well, I think I've heard of them," I think I'll enjoy poking fun at them.

I just don't know how to start things off. I've got general character ideas and whatnot, and I'm really looking forward to having someone shit bricks over the whole "01-10" thing with Radiohead. But that means I'll Have to listen to In Rainbows and OK Computer over and over and over again...

But still. Any ideas on how to kick things off would be welcome. :)

Thanks in advance for your time! :)
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2 Wheezy9th Mar 2011 08:51:33 PM from South Philly
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Make the character obsessed with 90s alt. music in general - like Alex's obsession with classical music - instead of those two artists specifically. It looks really arbitrary when you do it that way.

If that weird arbitrariness is what you're going for, then pick one band - just ONE - and have the Manson-type be a rabid and irrational Fanboy of them. Make him the type who would literally kill someone for liking only the Signature Song - or something like that.

But be aware that fans of the band will probably hate you.

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It's easy, mmkay?
That's funny, I just posted something about Manson over in the Nonexistent Music Thread.
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4 Alichains10th Mar 2011 01:18:34 PM from Street of Dreams , Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
Karma Police might be a good place to start.
5 Arthy10th Mar 2011 05:27:06 PM from Don't look, but...
Good advice, Wheezy! I think I'll choose Radiohead. They're alt-y enough to lampoon and weird enough to have fun with crazy lyrical interpretations.

Haha, the people who would hate me for making a joke about a band are probably not the people I'd want to talk to anyways. And besides, it's the Internet. There's more worthwhile stuff to get mad about.

I'm thinking of going for a Manson + Revenge of the Nerds thing here. Opinions, anyone?
I created this entire profile and started my first topic all in class. Because I'm a delinquent.
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