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Guy sees all his friends as cats:

 1 Tidal Wave 17, Tue, 8th Mar '11 7:09:33 PM Relationship Status: Singularity
Anthromorphic cats, that is.

The main idea is that one day, a teenage guy has a dizzy spell. When he wakes up, he sees all of his friends, and himself, as anthromorphic cats. The only problem is that everyone else sees themselves as humans still. His friends figure that he is having some sort of mental breakdown, or is repressing something, and until they find out what, he'll keep seeing them like this.

My question is, how far along do you think I could get with this as the main plot? Its suppossed to be a comedy, and were going to be seeing it completely from the guys point of view. Most of the humor is going to come from his reaction to his friends new appearances, and they're reaction back at him.

Criticisms, opinions, ideas, snide remarks? All would be appreciated.
I don't think the plot could run on his reactions alone. It'd probably only take a couple hours before he realizes that he's just seeing things in a distorted way.

Sounds like Saya no Uta: the comedy.

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 4 Tidal Wave 17, Tue, 8th Mar '11 7:26:00 PM Relationship Status: Singularity
Well, the other main plot is him trying to find out why he sees everyone that way.

It turns out that the night before, he came home late to find out that his father had left the family with no notice. In a a most successful display of parent insensitivity, his mother dumps him at his best friends house for a questionable period of time so she can go to her mother's and relax.

He doesn't no this at first. Before this all happened, he was always a bit goofy. It was his escape from reality. When his father left, he just sort of broke.
 5 Wheezy, Wed, 9th Mar '11 10:52:51 PM from Tampa, FL. Again.
(That Guy You Met Once)
If that's all there is to the story, then...


edited 9th Mar '11 10:52:58 PM by Wheezy

 6 JHM, Wed, 9th Mar '11 11:29:43 PM from Neither Here Nor There Relationship Status: I know
Thunder, Perfect Mind
This sounds more like a significant subplot to a greater story or the premise for a Topor or Kafka vignette than something to build a full-fledged story off of.

Unless, of course, you happen to have a very unusual perspective or style — something heavily based in stream-of-consciousness would be appropriate. Otherwise, you need more.
"His friends figure that he is having some sort of mental breakdown, or is repressing something, and until they find out what, he'll keep seeing them like this."

Psychology doesn't work that way. He probably has some sort of brain damage, which could either heal on its own (unrelated to any working-out of emotional issues) or be permanent (if it lasts a year, it's probably permanent). However, you could have fun with his friends thinking that's what is going on when in reality he's just got a weird kind of brain injury.
If I'm asking for advice on a story idea, don't tell me it can't be done.
 8 Tidal Wave 17, Thu, 10th Mar '11 4:33:05 PM Relationship Status: Singularity
That might be interesting. Have it set up like he's psychologically repressing it only to find out it was the result of head trauma.

I was going to have the story be told completely from the guy's point of view.
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