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Earth 2350
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Earth 2350:

 1 Troy Martin, Thu, 24th Feb '11 11:32:07 PM from the EDFS Terminus
That Author Guy
Imagine a world where humans are free to roam the stars without boundaries. Humanity has united, taken to the stars, colonized the solar system, discovered fast interstellar travel, and claimed nearby star systems and their planetary systems. Space travel is inexpensive, and many civilians have purchased small spacecraft of their own. Interstellar travel is achieved through small, hard-to-detect disturbances akin to stable wormholes located at the edges of solar systems.

Step into the future of the human race, where less than twenty star systems are fought over by three physically similar, yet culturally and ethically different, intelligent species. The humans and the Turoth are fighting against the numerically superior Vardii, but with no positive progress in a war that has been raging for ten years for the Intercolonial Human Confederation and its Earth Defence Fleet, and over twenty for the war-torn republic of the Turoth.

Ten years into the war for the IHC, things are not looking positive for humanity. Without the aid of the then-recovering Turoth fleets, the EDF is forced to step up its game when a cloaked Vardii planet killer destroys the surface of Second Earth, fourth planet in the Janus system. With the sudden realization that a weapon of mass destruction can be covertly deployed so close to Earth—only a week’s travel away—without forewarning, the EDF must recruit servicemembers and freelancers alike in order to help combat the Vardii threat. Benjamin McBride, a native of Second Earth, is one of those freelancers.

The Vardii are advancing. Earth needs as much help as it can get.

So a while back I wrote an eventually released a science fiction novella. I started a little page for it over at Literature/Earth 2350 as well. It's the story of a freelance pilot and his friend who seek work with the EDF after the hostile aliens in the long-running war commit outright genocide.

The book is available as a free PDF digital download here. If you wish to spread the love about the book, please feel free to use the short link to the download.

Cheers, —Troy

edited 20th Mar '11 2:44:47 AM by TroyMartin

My brain is clogged with magic.
 2 Troy Martin, Sun, 20th Mar '11 2:43:56 AM from the EDFS Terminus
That Author Guy
Bump, with a blurb thing added to the OP.
My brain is clogged with magic.
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