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I can't breathe in this
Anyone here watch criminal minds? If so what do you think of it?
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2 Ghilz23rd Feb 2011 06:18:18 PM from Canada, or the Moon , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Watch it. Kinda like it. Even if I have a major in psychology, what they get wrong makes it hilarious. Still, it's fun character based drama so long as I remember my MST3K Mantra

Watched the spinoff first episode last week. This is... something else. Like if someone almost gave them a Darker and Edgier twist, but didn't go the full way. Why do they operate out of a gym? Are they just "too cool" for a real office? The blurbs mentions how they are a "red cell team" and how they are supposed to be a fast response team for time-dependent missions... But really, how are they different from the main show team? Both handled kidnappings. Other than squatting a gym, not seeing a difference in procedure here.

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I can't breathe in this
I didn't watch the spin-off how was it?
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4 Ghilz23rd Feb 2011 06:22:43 PM from Canada, or the Moon , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Was okay. If you didn't see the Backdoor Pilot, the show didn't take the time to introduce anyone. It was okay. Not bad, not good. Acting was kind of stiff, but one episode ain't much to make a statement on.
I can't breathe in this
Good point
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6 Ghilz23rd Feb 2011 06:27:41 PM from Canada, or the Moon , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Also, one thing that annoyed me: Garcia's presence is not explained. Does she work with all teams? Has she been transfered? Not seen the most recent Criminal Minds epsiode, dunno if it's mentioned there, but it ain't said in Suspect Behavior.
7 Ghilz23rd Feb 2011 07:32:32 PM from Canada, or the Moon , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
And watching the episode, the show is out of order. Prophet is mentioned as being temporary, yet he got his permanency promotion last episode. Joy.
I laughed my ass off at the Poorly Disguised Pilot. Ooooooh, they've got a british spy and Ghost Samurai. Who the hell watched the show about serial killers and mind games and Hannibal Lecture and thought "This needs the SAS.". [lol]
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9 Ghilz25th Feb 2011 09:55:34 AM from Canada, or the Moon , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Don't forget the ex-con FBI agent.

Coz he's THAT good (at what, we are not sure).

To the show's credit, they have not played the SAS card yet. Heck, so far I'd say there's been less "Run after sonemone and tackle them" than on the regular CM where Morgan gets in one practically every episode. Heck, SAS guy has been given very little to do so far.

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Le Bump

Damn Emily that was cold.
I can't breathe in this
She was efficient though.
Hello again tropers
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That she was
I'm not pleased with the latest plot twist. That's two female characters they've gotten rid of in less than three months. If it was just a budget issue, they should have had Hotch resign to raise his kid after his wife was killed, bumped Morgan up to being in charge, and kept Prentiss and J.J. The whole recent Prentiss plotline wasn't a bad one, but it didn't have to end with her leaving the team.
The Fastest Man Alive
The network fired AJ Cook, and cut Paget Brewster's contract down. And there is no good reason for it. So far, they've tried to rationalize it by saying that they're trying to structure the show to be more similar to the real-life BAU. Which is complete BS.

JJ's farewell episode is one giant thinly-veiled middle finger to the network for forcing the writer's to get rid of her.
15 Ghilz21st Mar 2011 12:46:24 PM from Canada, or the Moon , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Meanwhile back on Suspect Behavior I am still wondering just how this Red Cell is different from a normal BAU team.

Beside the fact that they have an SAS guy and no actual office.

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The Fastest Man Alive
According to their opening, they don't need to be invited into a case. I haven't watched to show, so I don't know how that effects the plot, but it sounds like something that could've just been dropped and no one would care.

I actually like when the BAU has to deal with uncooperative local authorities.
17 Ghilz21st Mar 2011 12:52:25 PM from Canada, or the Moon , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
[up] The episodes I watched so far (i did miss 2), it has not resulted in much. Only in the first one, where they are dealing with a Kidnapping and a mother approaches them with her own kidnapped child and they take over THAT investigation too, but no Jurisdiction Friction so far. And honestly, the "being called" thing could just have happened offscreen and the story would not be a bit different.
18 Ghilz23rd Mar 2011 07:40:02 PM from Canada, or the Moon , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Question for people who see the recent Criminal Minds (Original version) episodes: Has Garcia's office changed? Coz the one she has in Criminal Intent is totally different.
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20 Ghilz23rd Mar 2011 07:58:39 PM from Canada, or the Moon , Relationship Status: Drift compatible

Actually I think Garcia was outside of her office, in the Red Cell's Gym Of Justice (It's what I am calling it now)

Anyway, last episode of Suspect Behavior was pretty good. Another episode with a deeply troubled individual who is more sick than evil. Kinda gross moments. Also, that team is weird. Forest Whitaker's character, Sam Cooper, gets deeply in his unsub's mind when profile, and it's kinda weird seeing acting out or burst into tears as he tries to get into the shoes of the unsub.

Still, last episode was pretty dang good.

And yes, the SAS sniper guy gets to use his gun.

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Forest is a brilliant actor, I'm not surprised
22 Ghilz23rd Mar 2011 08:12:05 PM from Canada, or the Moon , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Yeah, though not sure about the rest of the cast. Only 6 episodes so far, but not getting much of a feel of "Teamship" from them so far. And some of performances feel a bit flat. I think the lack of a Team Dad / Team Mom makes itself felt.

Also: Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. Lets make this page!

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I ment they updated/upgraded here office. Sadly they blew try chance of getting he nerd boy the replace Garca after she was attacked back in…or is he dead?

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24 Ghilz23rd Mar 2011 08:41:33 PM from Canada, or the Moon , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Dunno, not seen recent episodes of normal Criminal Minds. Unless you mean after the episode where she was shot, yah, hes appeared a few times. They be dating.

BTW, the Red Cell concept has ONE perk. Their boss is not Strauss, but Jack Fickler, the Director of the FBI (who apparantly has alot of free time to visit the Gym of Justice). Unlike her, he's actually a likeable individual.

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My feeling about the cuts laser directed at female characters was that the lack of money made the executives to flanderize the show into strogen brigrade bait. It would have worked if I wasn't a male that liked both Prentiss and JJ so much :(

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