Child Stars: Sex, Drugs & the Paparazzi:

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It's real Dickens.
Inspired by this thread, I had to ask myself the question, how is it that these kids are denied all the psychological and emotional development needed so as not to end up on drugs, frequently be arrested or shave their heads off in public vying for attention?

I honestly cannot understand how the parents, the press and the agents that make it happen can sleep at night. I especially cannot understand the parents role in all of this. Especially those who begin with "Little Miss" pageants. Though I'm sure money and fame can be a powerful motivator for the more selfish ones out there.

I'm not saying that kids who don't become celebrities don't do drugs or scream out for attention in self-destructive acts. It has to be incredibly difficult for a child-star to ever recover from considering the fact that they will forever remain in the spot-light until the media has another victim child-star to focus their unwanted attention on.

When I look at the Lindsey Lohans, Britneys and Caulkins out there I can't help but shudder at the thought of what the press and the people who thrive on it have done to them and will continue to do so.

Also, I don't know if many of you have heard of a Welsh Classical singer by the name of Charlotte Church. But she was pretty famous in England for the while as was the fact that she was going to take her parents to court over the issue of her trust fund, which they were not keen to release to her, money she had been earning since she was 11yrs old.

So what motivates the media and the people who go crazy for the headlines they spur? Why are parents pushing their children into the spotlight given the Lohans of today?

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I think people think that their kid won't end up like that. Not a lot of parents think (or want to think) that their kid might become a drug addict because of the parent's choices. Also, they probably don't think that far ahead, especially the child pageants which can start when the kid is a baby. I think the main problem happens when the kids are the only ones making money. I don't know if this is true, but I've heard that Will Smith's kids are fairly well adjusted, because both of their parents aren't depending on them for fame and fortune.
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The answer is obscenely simple: Money, Dear Boy.
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I've heard that Will Smith's kids are fairly well adjusted

Willow can't stop whipping her hair back and forth, though. I suspect Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
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My money is on some sort of genetic defect. You know, like why Will Smith dressed like a clown in the 90s.
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