How do you make a new works page?:

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There is a series of erotic literature stories that by someone known as bluedragonauthor which can be found here:

Of all the erotic fiction I've read (purely for academic purposes, I assure you!) bluedragonauthor's easily has the best writing, the best character development, the best storylines, and the hottest sex. I'd like to create a works page so that more people can read his novels. How do I do that? I've found some pages describing the formatting for new pages, but they didn't actually explain how to create a new page.
click on this link An Ordinary Sex Life then select the option to edit page and start writing. Good luck.

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Thanks! If anyone wants to help me make the page itself, the help would be appreciated. I'll get it started, though.
anytime, I've never read the works so you're on your own with the tropes. Just make sure you provide a list of tropes used or it risks heading for the Cut List, and remember to put it on an index when you are done.
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For future pages, just make a link to the page so you can edit it.
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Is there anywhere that shows how to make a new works page? I've searched all over and I can't find anywhere that just gives the nuts and bolts of creating a page.
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Welcome to TV Tropes! has information under "Adding to the Wiki: Adding new series, books, games, actors, producers, etc.".
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If you look in the "Tools" pull-down on the far left side of a wiki page, near the bottom of the list is "Page templates". Click on that for links to Exactly What It Says on the Tin: templates for various page types. Copy and paste, and then fill it in.
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Huh, that works page template is pretty sparse. It doesn't have a spot for images or quotes, and it sort of assumes every work is a TV series (and even then, splitting episode-specific tropes is a pretty rare thing that we don't see much of outside really big pages).
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There is nothing stopping you from taking an existing work article and copying the markup. Really truly honestly.
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