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101 SpainSun22nd Feb 2011 07:48:37 PM from Somewhere Beyond Here
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Well, I seem to have opened a can of worms, hmm?

I'll be honest, I'm mostly just spitballing. Like I said earlier, I don't give this sort of thing a lot of thought, so I just go with what makes sense to moi.
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Oooh oooh a morality debate.

I think it's a little more complicated than "squick = wrong". I think of it as a sliding scale of discomfort, where after some point, acts beyond that point are just flat-out wrong (to the person in question). I.e. murder and rape for most people. Most people can usually tolerate stuff before that point, though. /captainobvious

What I'm interested in is if someone can come up with an objective basis that doesn't involve the sliding scale of discomfort, and make it convincing.


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103 Myrmidon23rd Feb 2011 07:51:24 AM from In Antartica
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For some reason, I tend to be more affected by arguments other people get into than ones I involve myself in.

Also, getting clear, reasonable explanations of a position make me more well inclined to it than arguments about it do. I originally thought that Continental philosophy in general and Speculative Realism  * was a bunch of sophistic garbage, but after running into intelligent interesting people who were willing to explain them in terms I could understand, I became much more well inclined to them.
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There are things that I am uncomfortable with that I don't regard as immoral, and there are things that I will intellectually accept as moral but which personally disturb me somewhat, so I am unconvinced.

Yeah, Bobby said it better than I did. Most people's morality is a result of some core assumptions that are gut feelings (such as minimize suffering, maximize pleasure), but as you build up from that, you being uncomfortable about something doesn't mean you think it's wrong. (For example, a person might say, "I want my morality to minimize suffering, but I am uncomfortable with the idea of homosexuality. Should I persecute homosexuals? No, because that would increase suffering.")
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