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I've got a Character but no Story to put her in:

 1 Sand Josieph, Thu, 17th Feb '11 12:56:21 AM from Grand Galloping Galaday Relationship Status: Brony
Bigonkers! is Magic
Inspired by one of my comments in Yack Fest.

The character is a little gnomish girl who's a Gadgeteer Genius. That's pretty much all I've got. Any fun ideas that I can wring out of this?
 2 almyki, Thu, 17th Feb '11 12:58:56 AM from Maryland, USA
Stow her away in mental storage, maybe write up a profile and save it in a word document. If a new story idea arises where you can make good use of her, she'll be there.

If you stay in the story-making hobby for long enough, of course you'll end up with some characters that have no immediate use.

<3 ali
 3 Morven, Thu, 17th Feb '11 1:15:01 AM from Seattle, WA, USA
This is why all writers need an ideas file.

Sounds like some kind of steampunk or dieselpunk adventure fiction would work, though.
A brighter future for a darker age.
I run into the same problem. I can make a gazillion characters, but then I realize I don't have a story for them. Then I think of one. Then I realize that I'm already working on a project. It is a maddening cycle.

 5 vilefile, Thu, 17th Feb '11 9:31:11 PM from beneath you it devours.
Interesting. This is how an episode of TV is written. You already have characters - now what are they gonna do?

One of my favorite little tricks is to figure out what the character would NEVER do, then find a plausible way to make her do it.

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