Language Base For My Magical Race:

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1 kamikamiya12th Feb 2011 05:30:08 PM from Here and Deviantart
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In this world I'm trying to build, there's this race of magical people who have disappeared overtime due to one reason or another. One of my characters is descended from this race, and when naming her, I realized that I'm not sure what kind of language the magic people speak. I know I'd like it to be based off of an actual language, but I don't want to be racist (if that's an actual issue). The setting of my story is a Steam Punk city based on Victorian England, so I'd like it to contrast that. Any ideas?

Here's some info on them if it helps (though I'm not sure about a lot of things, the story is still in it's early stages).
  • They are more agile and durable then regular humans, think roof hopping and wall bouncing strength
  • They've built magic based weaponry, like guns that shoot energy
  • Other than that they can pass as regular people
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I think it's smartest to go with a language you know. You'll avoid, well, have you ever seen any straight Chinese-to-English translated things on Jay Leno's Headlines segment? They end up being indiscernable jibberish.

Unless you just mean slipping a few "Holas" and "Amigos" into someone who otherwise speaks normal English, in which case I don't think it matters much.
In my Dark Tales, I have created several languages. Basically, I pull a "Final Fantasy X" and create a substitution cipher, applying Japanese pronunciation rules and borrowing words from real-world languages of interest, such as Romany and Russian.

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