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The Fastest Man Alive
Ninetales: <You never did say why you are here.>
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Thanks again.

-Stumbles after Star, keeping up-
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Sorry, Tangent, but I really have to go to bed. Night, everyone.
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Good night.
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adopting kitteh
Minccino — <What?> — leans to the edge of the railroad — <Someone is moving below us!>

Pignite — <I heard something too!> — prepares a Fire Punch — <Do I go to check?>

-The Minccino waits for a moment, inspecting the place, then returns to the center of the railroad-

Minccino — <Yeah, and you go too,> — points to one of the Durant — <but don't take too long. Zebstrika! Dart forwards and turn on the lights, just in case!>

-The equine Pokémon nods, Magnet-Rises on the railroad and dashes forward a short distance, charging some electric energy to light up the road ahead, while Pignite and a Durant slowly climb down one of the railroad pillars-

At the Nidocave

-Rodríguez is loading the data from the Drifloon camera and passing it through some filter programs when he notices something strange-

Rodríguez — ...What is this? Enhance... infrared in... discard indirect light sources... filter by shape.

-The image reveals what appears to be veils above some buildings, leaving some small streaks in the sky-

Rodríguez — ...Is this some kind of stealth move?

82306 Tangent12819th Aug 2011 07:37:00 PM from Virginia Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you


-Tangent paces nervously, then pauses, slapping his forehead-

Well of course I should have called them to start with!

-dials a number he has known since childhood-


Hello? Dad? ...


Haha, yeah, it's a long story...

Azalea Gate, An Hour Later

-a man arrives to meet the interns and Zoroark-

Tangent's Dad: Hello! You must be Timbú and Orenda! My son told me to expect you... he said he's the leader of PEFE now! Through time shenanigans or something, but I'm still proud.

So, I'm to direct you to old Kurt's place, and let you install a wormhole in my basement, right?

Pokémon Center

Tangent's Mom: Attention! All Trainers should leave through Union Cave now. There's an army rolling in fresh from taking Goldenrod any day now, and we are no Goldenrod. You have been told now; no complaining to me when you get captured, imprisoned, and perhaps split from your mons. Thank you.
Do you highlight everything looking for secret messages?
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-the small group arrives back at the sub-

-I'm waiting on the deck to pull Ninetales up, and am surprised to see Anom and Star-
82308 Anomalocaris2019th Aug 2011 07:38:20 PM from Sagittarius A* Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
The Fastest Man Alive
-drops the rope for them-

Tie it around your waist. I'll pull you up. There isn't time to chat right now, we're about to leave.
82310 Anomalocaris2019th Aug 2011 07:42:01 PM from Sagittarius A* Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
-I manage to tie the rope around Star's and my waists-

The Fastest Man Alive
-hauls them up, then drops the rope for Ninetales-

-once she's up, we go inside-
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A good Doctor.
Gotta go to bed.
my name is KENSHIRO
you... are already filed
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What's going on? Where have you been? And where did you get a sub?!
The Fastest Man Alive
We're escaping, I've been all over the place, and it was here when we found it. -leads the way to the console room-

Steven, we have more guests.

Steven: You really need to stop doing that.
82315 Anomalocaris2019th Aug 2011 07:48:17 PM from Sagittarius A* Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)


-Looks around for somewhere to sit, my legs giving out again-
The Fastest Man Alive
Steven: Do I know him?

Sort of.

Steven: Huh. Whatever.
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The Wanderer
Lanius!Typhlosion: -Shows up outside- <I can hear mons and people in there, come out!>

-Is flanked by three Steelix, an Abomasnow, a Druddigon, Drapion, and two Ninjask-

Oh great.

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.

The wheel will turn ever more, but I see pain. I see victory, but pain.
82318 TracerBullet19th Aug 2011 07:55:54 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-Sometime later, in Goldenrod City-

<Serperior: "Have the teams finished removing the explosives from the tower?">

<Gardevoir: "They have, General. Though we suspect that there were defenders that were able to escape the tower during your absence.">

<Serperior: "Hmm... I suppose that one can't win EVERY battle... What on earth was the cause of the fire atop the Department Store earlier?">

<Hydreigon: "There was apparently an altercation between the troops stationed there and a hidden defender.">

<Serperior: "... Well that was... Unexpected... What is the status of the Pokemon that accompanied me earlier today.">

<Hydreigon: "There were approximately 60 casualties, all of which appear to consist of injuries and mild to severe poisonings. We are unable to account for one of those troops sir. We presume that the she was either captured or killed in action by the Nidoran you ran into.">

<Serperior: "Hmm... What a shame... Send a team of aerial scouts with one of the Zoroark and empaths to attempt to find her. She was badly wounded when I last saw her, if they cannot sense her presence, conduct a funerary service in absentia on behalf of her. Otherwise organize a small team to attempt to organize a prisoner exchange.">

<Garchomp: "General. You're needed on the southern front.">

<Serperior: "Ah yes... We were going to attempt to take Azalea tonight. I'll be leaving immediately, I suppose that I can wait a little to hear the news of how the other fronts are progressing.">

<Gardevoir: "Was there anything needed here before you left, General?">

<Serperior: "Yes, shift more aerial patrols to the north. Inform them to open fire on any Nidoran or evolutions in the northern districts that aren't accompanied by humans if they rebuff demands to leave or otherwise surrender.">

-Leaves along with the Garchomp-

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-points at Steven-

........Should I know who he is?
82320 Anomalocaris2019th Aug 2011 08:01:22 PM from Sagittarius A* Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
-Settles with sitting on the floor-

-Meanwhile, in Nacrene-

A Resistance Druddigon: <Come on, move the line along now.>

-He is ushering evacuees through a portal set up in one of the warehouses-

Accordion guy: Okay, how did a Garbodor get here?

Lolloby: Oh, I hope everything turns out all right...

Lenora's Watchog: <Gotta move that gear up! Plant yourselves on the other end of that portal, fellas!>

Accordion guy: No, seriously.

Garbodor: <O what a world! Forced to evacuate an entire region as it falls to the grip of a swashbuckling swine and his compatriots! Such indecent brutality! But with this radiant vortex ahead of us, we shall abscond from this miserable place; free to die on a later date. But it pains me to leave this site, the site of the great Hero of Hope! O how I wi->

-At that moment, the doors slam open-

Bisharp: <Going somewhere?>

Druddigon: <%$#@! Everyone through NOW!>

-Before anyone further can get through, Bisharp has batted Druddigon out of the way and sliced the portal's wall apart, terminating it-

-The rest of his goons soon arrive, and begin arresting them-

Bisharp: <Yessss... Quite a haul here. Bring them back to the palace's dungeons. I intend to have some fun once it's execution time...>

-He looks down at his blade and grins-
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You're shivering. Are you afraid?
-hugs Every-

Oh no. What's going to happen if they find us?

Shadow: <I think they already did.>
Bow to your queen!
82322 TracerBullet19th Aug 2011 08:06:37 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-Dragonspiral Tower-

-Is knocked back by Bisharp's attack-

<Druddigon from Nacrene Portal: "AAAAAAAH!">

-Clutching a slashed abdomen-

<Druddigon from Nacrene Portal: "N-No... I-It can't be...">

<Random!Druddigon: "What on earth just happened there?!">

<Random!Mienfoo: "Yeah! What happened to the portal?!">

<Druddigon from Nacrene Portal: "Th-That monster, h-he destroyed it...">

<Random!Golett: "What are you talking about?">

<Druddigon from Nacrene Portal: "H-He trapped them... Th-They just wanted to be safe...">

-To the other Druddigon-

<Random!Druddigon: "It's okay. You did everything that you could...">
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adopting kitteh

Azalea Town

-Orenda and Timbú are helping evacuate some Trainers busy at the Mart, while they acquire some supplies.-

Orenda — I think we have enough... I want to try and do something for some Nidos too, since for some reason Silent is out...

Timbú — It's fine, but he'll tell you that we have another priority, Orenda. — heads to the door — We have to move Kurt safely.

-Both interns start walking the street in the oppossite way as everyone else...-

Goldenrod Nidocave

-Rodríguez tries to call PEFE for assistance-

Rodríguez — Friggin'. I don't have enough processing power to filter this data myself here. If I only had access to Silent's systems. But he encrypted them...

-At the side, he has a cracker trying to figure out the password of my account-


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82324 TracerBullet19th Aug 2011 08:17:24 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?

"Guys! Go upstairs! We have one shot at keeping these guys from ratting our position out! Hit them by surprise!"

-My AU and OT Pokemon head upstairs-

<Sonny: "Why don't you let us handle these slovochi? They wouldn't be the first that we've beaten into the pavement!">

<Mundane!Honchkrow: "Yeah! We've been dropping the little cretins from the sky a few blocks away to finish them off!">

"Ugh. That's probably why they came here!"

-Leering from windows, unseen-

<Leana: "How do we fix these creeps?">

<Kammy: "Hit 'em ranged. If there's more down the street, they can join them!">
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-Bisharp has subdued all the new prisoners, standing on their unconscious bodies-

Bisharp: <What's the total you roused from the other buildings?>

Random Sawk Mook: <About 60 in total, sir.>

Bisharp: <Ooh. 60 fleshlings. 120 arms to chop off, 120 legs to cut off, 120 ears to cut off... an indeterminate-amount-because-I-don't-know-the-gender-ratio-here castrations, 120 eyeballs to gauge,->

Sawk: <Ergh, sir...>

Bisharp: <Silence, or it'll be 122 eyeballs. 60 noses to slice apart, 60 tongues to->

Sawk: <Sir, plea->

-The Sawk is cut short when he comes down with a very bad case of dead-

Bisharp: (Wiping the blood off on the Sawk's back) <Anyway, 60 tongues to carve out, and 60 heads to slice clean off once I'm done.>

-Bisharp places the Sawk's head in Garbodor's hands-

Bisharp: <Here. Go play Hamlet.>

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