Need some advice on this idea.:

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I had an idea for blend of superhero and space-high tech scifi.

In an alternate reality,all humans have powers,and our technology has advanced somewhat,but not by alot. For example,people are still using cell phones,but the way they work has advanced. For example,now all electrical signals can be transported wirelessly,reducing the need for power cables and wires. As a result,most devices have grown smaller.

Even military technology has changed some,but not by much.

Imagine it as the next 2 steps forward in our technology. Not all the way to Star Trek,but not at our present level of tech.

The world is under one democratic government,and we are at peace.

Then another,more advanced alien race comes to conquer Earth.

We fight back,and I'm working on the rest.

I want to use the trope Humans Are Special,but I need some advice.
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