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76 eldritchseer4th Jan 2014 08:42:40 PM from East to Western Sea
Swaggin' n' Baggin'
Dear reader,

I failed. I thought the ritual would be simple, but when the moment came, my voice failed me, my mind erased for a moment in primal terror.

I fled. I ran, and ran, and ran. I didn't stop running until I had gone to far to go back, I left that evil place. And now the evil within is coming for me. For all of us.

God have mercy. Please forgive me.

As the coward I am, know this, the evil didn't take me.

I have embalmed thousands of bodies and have yet to see even one erection!!!
Journal of King Andreas.


It's been a while since I last left off. Well, we were hit shortly after that, and our numbers stand at thirty four. They broke a hole in my walls, but we've filled it in. I don't like the new concrete section, but I'm assured that it'll hold up well enough.

Not that I have any other choice. The winter is too cold and stormy for anything else to be tried at this point.

Another interesting tidbit, the question on their intelligence notwithstanding, we've learned something new about these creatures. It's a weakness that it's unlikely they know how to fix by themselves... depending on their intelligence. They... Heh. They -freeze-. They don't have internal body heat. I wonder if that means they are attracted to heat sources? And if so, how do they find them? Some sort of infrared vision?

Every morning, the watchers use scrapers to knock ice off the walls, and this helps to keep any of the creatures from finding a handhold.

...Something's come up that must be attended to. What sort of lovely surprise, I wonder? /sarcasm

I'll write again once something new develops.
78 MobileLeprechaun3rd May 2014 10:51:06 AM from La ciudad se llama Duke, Nuevo México el estado , Relationship Status: Married to the job
i mean what the FRICK
o K Note 2 see L s l L slf:

wrighting wi th jus t a blleed ing finger stump is


othr other note: toes are surpiR actua lly pretty tasty


im sorry ned i really am but GOD FU CKING DAMN I NEEDED SOME


i i actually feel really graet im glad we made this trip i learned a whole lot about mys elf and i feel


very good

gonna just



have a nap

the scracthings actually kin dof soothing if you just listen its kind of rythmic

evrything will be okay in the morning i know it everyth
Fate, up against your will

Through the thick and thin
79 arcada18811th Oct 2015 11:13:52 AM from chargeman hell
How could one resist that smile?

My dad is dead. My mom is dead. Everyone is dead.

I am alone. Completely. Alone.

I feel not so good. I'm not sure if i can take it. I am still hungry.

Still hungry


It is driving me INSANE


Oh well. Maybe i can watch a DVD to cope with my isolation. Now where was that Foodfight DVD...

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