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Channel Frederator: Cartoon Podcast:

Mr. Dr.
Even when I didn't know what the company was about, I've been a long time fan of Frederator ever since they produced The Fairly OddParents in 2001. I just discovered them recently after watching Adventure Time and they are freakin' awesome! So yeah, does anyone else subscribe to Channel Frederator?


Who wants to play Video Games!
 2 Wheezy, Sun, 23rd Jan '11 3:32:24 AM from Tampa, FL. Again.
(That Guy You Met Once)
How is this radio, again?
Mr. Dr.
The Long Version: As defined bPodcasts were originally online audio broadcasts available for streaming and or downloading (wherever available), hence the name iPod Broadcast. By this definition, the original Podcasts were in essence Spiritual Successors to Radios, except while radios broadcast on air, Podcasts are broadcast online. Several modern day radio stations were also made available to subscribers, which mirrors that of today's podcast viewers. Additionally, a lot of radio stations offer podcasts as available downloads and even though podcasts have since included video, the same principle of "tuning into/ downloading" certain podcasts has remained the same.

The Laconic Version: OK, so its not much, but we need padding for this new subthread and with only a few existing Podcast threads out there, everyone was on board. So we branched out and made this the Unofficial Podcast Subforum. And theres also quite a bit of overlap between the two.
Who wants to play Video Games!
 4 Wheezy, Mon, 24th Jan '11 7:50:51 AM from Tampa, FL. Again.
(That Guy You Met Once)
That wasn't my point...

Podcasts definitely belong in the radio section, but this is an animation.

Shouldn't this forum be audio-only?
Mr. Dr.
Well its an Animation Podcast. If we're making this the unofficial thread for podcasts, its best not to have to segregate between audiovisuals, right? Ipso ergo, I moved the discussion here.
Who wants to play Video Games!
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