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Moviebob's Non-TGO stuff.:

Morgan Freeman is God.
Basically, I thought we might have a thread about Bob's work that isn't The Game Overthinker.

I have to say, he is a lot better when he's talking about movies or "The Big Picture" than when talking about video games.
 2 Deboss, Mon, 10th Jan '11 12:59:23 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
I saw some of them. Namely the one where he bitches about how The Expendables out performed Scott Pilgrim.
 3 Marioguy 128, Mon, 10th Jan '11 2:44:23 PM from various galaxies
This would go in the Film subforum I believe.
You got some dirt on you. Here's some more!
Nope, new media. We had a thread already for big Picture, which is a hit and miss series imo. There were some really terrible episodes but there's one or two good ones in there.

Escape to the movies is pretty good though, even when he starts bitching and moaning it never gets too bad.

Morgan Freeman is God.
Something about the "Geek Gods" episode just bugs me. He keeps going on and on about how geek culture can and should make their own religion, and then he remembers Scientology and says "never mind."

Why invalidate your own argument?

Also, he mispronounced "Haruhi."

The episode on Genetic Engineering was the best IMO.
 6 AC Drawings, Mon, 10th Jan '11 5:48:43 PM from MY PERSONAL REALITY
I think the Scientology thing was meant to be a joke, not necessarily invalidating his statement, just showing how it can go wrong, like a warning.

Anyhow, I tend to enjoy most of his movie review and the Big Picture is hit or miss with me. the Space thing made me want to kill him and the one more day thing didn't add anything new. The Sports Nerds are like us thing was great and the captain America one was interesting.
When All Else Fails, you have fun and flirt wit da ladies, dats da Drawings way!
 7 Pipping Fool, Mon, 10th Jan '11 6:02:42 PM from Sydney, The Vivid City Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
I never knew that New Zealander's second main religion would be Jedi if it were considered a religion.

It's officail, New Zealand is populated by NERDS who are good are Rugby and and other MANLY things.

On The Big Picture itself, I find it interesting. Some topics being a hit-or-miss situation.

edited 10th Jan '11 6:04:37 PM by PippingFool

I generally enjoy his movie reviews even if I happen to disagree with quite a few of them. Big Picture is a mixed bag, especially when he slips into being overly preachy and smug which already sunk the Overthinker for me.

 9 Meta Four, Mon, 10th Jan '11 8:58:00 PM from the house of bread and battle
I encountered him on another blog back before his own blog became famous, and he really rubbed me the wrong way. The way he constantly came across like he considered himself an authority on every subject he spoke about; and his tendency to, instead of responding to people's actual arguments, assume the worst about his opponents' reason for their opinion and then attack that.

When he reviewed The Dark Knight and his sole complaint was over Batman wearing body armor instead of spandex (because spandex is so much more realistic), I figured that was as good a reason as any to ignore him.
 10 Otogi, Mon, 10th Jan '11 10:37:39 PM from Around...
The House of Void/Hiphop

Yeah, I've seen some of his comments on other blogs. Not a pleasant fellow, to say the least.

 11 Mousa The 14, Fri, 1st Apr '11 9:25:51 AM from Northern Virginia Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Artist, Writer, Ignored
There's a new Mario Brothers movie coming out and good old Movie Bob got a sneak peek!
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 12 Wild-Card, Fri, 10th Feb '12 6:12:45 PM from Titans Tower
A hero for all time!
Anyone else feel that his latest "review", (hardly any of it was spent on reviewing either the film which I can understand cause it's ten years old and none of it was spent on talking about the 3D conversion) of the rereleses of Star Wars should have really gone in the Big Picture. I thought that up on my own, and saw a couple people agree with it on the forums. Any opinions from the Tropers about this Escape To The Movies?
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They All Deserve To Die
I usually like Escape to the Movies, but I can usually tell when he's prejudging a movie based on his own assumptions.

The only exception was the recent Men in Black 3 review, which color me surprised, turned out to not be ignorant fanboy bitching like his "reviews" of the Expendable and Green Lantern. In stead, it seemed he was focusing on actual flaws. I have yet to see the film and see if his accusations have merit, but it came across as well informed and reasonable.

If only he could apply the same level of effort to his other shows, or rather just focus on movies entirely because that's what he's good at.
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