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I tried to make a trope page for The B-52s, but used the redirect command accidentally. Could someone create a new blank page for them so I can try again? Thanks.

Click that and go.
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Instead of solving your problem, I'll teach you how to easily solve it yourself. Takes me more time then doing it for you, but it's worth it since you and maybe others can benefit from it in the future.

You want to edit a page that is a redirect. But since it redirects automatically, you can't simply click the "edit page" button. However, there's a way around that!

  1. Visit a page, ANY page that isn't locked.
  2. click the "edit page" button for this page.
  3. Instead of actually editing the page, now change the HTML Address.
  4. The address is a long string of letters and other ascii-characters. Ignore most of it. Highlight only the part that is the title of the page you're editing.
  5. Replace this part of the address with the address of the page that you actually do want to edit.
  6. Yay! You are now at the edit page for the page you wanted to edit. Replace the redirect with the text you want.

Good luck & happy troping!

PS: Although Fast Eddie has alredy made a page for you this time, I reccomend you practice the above steps anyway for future reference. :-)

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Thanks, now I have only one question: how do I italicize?
5 MoCellMan6th Jan 2011 03:42:44 PM from Connecticut, USA
I think the markup help in the edit window will show you how to italicize and similar things. Italics is two apostrophes on either side of whatever you want in italics...like ''Escherichia coli'' will be come Escherichia coli. If you want to italicize something in brackets, the italics go outside the brackets (at least, when I put them on the inside of brackets, it did not work).
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Whoops. Thought up another question. I want to add an image to my page. How do I do this?
7 Deboss8th Jan 2011 09:21:33 AM from Awesomeville Texas
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Use the image uploader in the "tools" drop down menu. When you upload, there's a 350 pixel width and 200kb limit on the image. You can then highlight one of the two code sets that will pop up underneath and paste those at the top of the page you've created. The top will be left aligned, the bottom right aligned. If you have page quotes or a very large image, use the right aligned one.
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