Coraline is the one who threw the rock at the end of the movie.:

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1 SandJosieph3rd Jan 2011 03:27:01 PM from Grand Galloping Galaday , Relationship Status: Brony
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She totally is! If you watch the scene very carefully, the rock enters at a slight left angle which, when taking in perspective, is coming from her direction while Wybie enters the scene from the right side of the screen. And after the scene plays out, Coraline is seated in an upright position and a perfect distance from the shattered hand for a rock smashing move. There, I rest my case.
2 betterthanstrawberry3rd Jan 2011 06:56:48 PM from back in the atmosphere.
Dreaming out loud.
Sounds plausible enough. At least until I rewatch the scene.
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3 ProfessorMetallica21st Feb 2011 07:04:08 PM from Texas , Relationship Status: Robosexual
[up][up] No offense, but why does it matter?

EDIT: and who else would have thrown it? Wasn't Wybie dangling from the edge of the well?

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