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I was more prodding at how enemies scale up with you, which could get a bit...silly, in some cases.
I'd like to think that there was a secret guild selling Elven armor and renting out skill books to the countless swarms of bandits planning to take down our intrepid hero in Oblivion.

Why hire the Dark Brotherhood when you can try (ineffectually, admittedly) to halt the forces of good and make a killing off of it at the same time?
I want there to be an evil ending/path. You have no idea how many times I've tried to kill Martin before some Daedra got to him before I did :/
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I still remember this perfect moment. Me in magical daedric armor, riding atop my immortal demon horse. Getting stopped by a criminal in glass armor with an enchanted sword and being ordered to pay a 100 dollars to get across the bridge. Buddy, your sword is worth like three thousand!
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Well, would YOU want to sell your most powerful weapon? Cuz 3,000 gold in Oblivion is not very much moniez.
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No dated Gamebryo? Yay!

Here's hoping they have more then about five people voice the NP Cs this time.

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132 Anthologist13th Dec 2010 08:08:25 PM from fram frum frem frim
I heard that it's going to be an open-world RPG where you run around a world the size of a small city and where half the area consists of a single environment copied and pasted. There were hundreds of NP Cs the last time someone bothered to count, but they're all voiced by 10 people. You have the choice of being a fighter, mage, thief, or a combination of the 3. The fighter has blades, blunt weapons and bare hands, the mage has fire, frost, shock and "damage health" magic, as well as status buffs and status damaging spells, and the thief can open lockpicks and sneak by NP Cs. There will be hundreds of books and useless decorations, but if you pick one up when someone is watching the local guards will immediately know who you are, where you are and what you stole. The story will be epic in scale, if a smidge generic, with touches of comedy in the sidequests. Missions will consist of theft, escorts, murder, and/or fighting your way through caves filled with the undead. If your character gets hurt or diseased, he/she can quaff potions, heal with spells, or pray to the gods.

The reviews will be positive, citing the scope of the world and number of things to do, but the game will be criticized for being buggy and rushed.

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^ congrats, you win a droll sarcasm award.
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135 TobiasDrake14th Dec 2010 08:37:23 AM from Colorado, USA , Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
Dragons? DRAGONS? Septim-f*cking DRAGONS?!

This is going to be the Best. Elder Scrolls. Ever.
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137 TotemicHero14th Dec 2010 09:18:27 AM from the next level
Holiday surprise
Well, that would explain how they got the title of Dragonborn... tongue
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What this game needs is a hardcore mode and a cave that scales with your level. oh and kobolds with wand of deathtouch
139 Matrix14th Dec 2010 03:22:56 PM from The Matrix, Canada , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
quidf scire vis?
oh and kobolds with wand of deathtouch

140 ShirowShirow14th Dec 2010 03:23:18 PM from Land of maple syrup , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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Your giving me horrible flashbacks of nethack, now. Brrr.
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141 TobiasDrake14th Dec 2010 04:31:02 PM from Colorado, USA , Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
^^ Matrix, your avatar perfectly expresses your reaction there.

and a cave that scales with your level.

. . . Have you even played any of TES games? Everything scales with your level.
Sakamoto demands an explanation for this shit.
143 Thnikkafan14th Dec 2010 06:59:01 PM from Faroe Islands (not really) , Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
Well, what about a cave, and that cave alone, that scales level with you.
Anyone who assigns themselves loads of character tropes is someone to be worried about.
What this game needs are battles that include more than you, some useless priest, a black samurai and two npcs against an "army" of five daedra.

To be honest, the priest can't die and the black samurai is pretty awesome.

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145 TobiasDrake15th Dec 2010 09:07:29 AM from Colorado, USA , Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
What this game needs are NP Cs that are actually worth their shit in a fight.

At high levels with strong enemies, epic moments of "The Legion charges into battle against the Daedric hordes" turns, within seconds, into "You fighting a Daedric horde that cut through the Legion like paper."
146 ShirowShirow15th Dec 2010 01:00:33 PM from Land of maple syrup , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
Be creative
Ah, Redshirt Army. Your actually supposed to be mildly effective in video games.
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Wait until there's a single legionaire. Press ~ and click on him. Type setlevel 255. Watch as he solos a oblivion gate and you watch.
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148 ch00beh15th Dec 2010 03:31:31 PM from Who Knows Where
I don't get where all this hate is coming from. I remember when I first started playing the game, I was wandering some path, turned right, and suddenly there was the Imperial City fully rendered in front of a mountain range with a sunset behind it and things weren't all brown or gray but had lovely greens and blues. It was the gaming benchmark at the time for graphics horsepower.

I don't know if many other games at the time bothered giving their NP Cs "lives" outside of just trying to kill or talk to you. Yeah, it's not the best, but what are you expecting, some kind of real life simulator? Dwarf Fortress renders its people in ASCII and it will bring today's gaming computers to their knees by simulating 200 dwarves working, socializing, conforming to personal routines, and trying to stay alive, and the behavior still isn't realistic.

Also, I personally didn't see any problems with combat AI. But it's been a while. Someone should jog my memory. I just don't see how people can complain about AI for a 2006 game when 2010 AIs are equally stupid.
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The Game Developer Thread
Jonah Falcon
I swear, if there are cliff racers I'm going to toss my laptop out the window.
Jonah Falcon
150 TobiasDrake15th Dec 2010 03:39:33 PM from Colorado, USA , Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
There will be nothing BUT cliff racers, JAF. They never get stronger, but their annoyance factor levels with you.

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