Don't Wake Der Furer! - Let's Play Hearts of Iron 3:

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I leaned back in my chair and smiled to myself. Maybe the canceling of the initial proposal was for the best. Yes, that meant I'd never get to see Rommel and company armed with FN-SCARs, but then again, no one would want to wake der Führer. And he wasn't going to wake up anytime soon...

So now I shall determine my plan. Barracuda to GS, what should I do if any of the following ask me to trade (keeping in mind that I am now the de facto leader of Germany): Allied nations Axis nations Soviet nations Independent nations

Any other responses would be nice. Barracuda, over and out.


I'm going to be doing a no-(living-)Hitler Germany run of Hearts of Iron 3. I have not actually installed the game yet, though. Essentially, I'll be doing this until something interesting happens, and then on a year by year basis. You guys are GS (German Confidential. Yes, it's abbreviated GS. Counter-intelligence measure, you see), and will tell me what to do to stop the Nazi menace. And maybe the Red Menace. Also note that this game was released in Germany, so we'll just be pretending that I've changed the flag and already dismantled the concentration camps. Speaking of which, if you guys come up with a good flag, I'll use it. HoI3 is supposed to be a highly moddable game. Oh, and this is a Screenshot LP.

Last note, if you guys have any mods that you want me to use, I'll use them.

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Month by month basis will be a lot better and more interesting. This way, we can have more interaction.

Also, you might want to try the Historical Plausibility Project, as it adds a lot more open-endedness to the game.

Also it's spelled as Führer. tongue
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EDIT: I assume you're using Semper Fi?

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Don't you know that when you make assumptions, you make a "ass" out of people who say "you make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'"? That is to say, yes, you're spot on. I wasn't expecting to get so many replies so soon. I'll do it at a month-by-month basis if you guys can tolerate the slow start. Assuming it's a slow start. I don't know, I might have just made an "ass" out of "mi" and "u", also known as assmiung. Also, can an administrator fix the title of this thread to "Don't wake der F�hrer! - Let's Play Hearts of Iron 3"?

Looks like I made a "su" out of "ass" and "and"; I lost the Semper Fi disk.

Nevermind, my friend hasn't actually bought it yet. Anyone who points out why that was epic fail gets a cookie. As does anyone who logs in.


Is this flag okay? Also, how do I make a line start under the picture rather than to the right of it?


Also, does this game have cheats? Because one of the main points of this LP is that you guys are a bureaucracy with one foot in the 1930s/40s and the other in 2010/11, and can authorize me to do anything that I need to (or prohibit me from doing certain things). Thus, you could send me an extra nuke, or ban me from using nukes. Or you could watch everything unfold. The main point being that I'm in your employee.

And no, I'm not going to cheat behind your backs. Don't worry about that. Anyway, that HPP mod looks good.


This is probably just me being stupid, but how do you take screenshots?

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