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1 Rotpar6th Dec 2010 12:55:38 AM from California , Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
I was reading The Dev Team Thinks of Everything when I noticed it was on listed on the Video Juegos index. I assume this is a problem to be corrected(?). I'm not entirely certain how to go about doing so and I'd hate to further break things in the process. The Spanish index seems to be 90% redlinked Spanish articles with working links to English. Is the Spanish version badly neglected for lack of translators? Somebody make a bad index?
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2 carla6th Dec 2010 07:19:02 AM from panama city, panama
the spanish archive is moving at its own pace; this wiki is huge and we've only begun to make a dent on the major tropes.

the tropes in the VideoJuegos index are listed in spanish (most are redlinks). however, redlinks don't have descriptions, so someone unfamiliar with the name in spanish might not know what the trope it's supposed to be. that's why links to the tropes in english are added in parentheses. this is obviously a provisionary measure; as more tropes get translated to spanish, redlinks will disappear and the links to the tropes in english will be taken out. but it's going to take a while.
3 Micah6th Dec 2010 02:52:09 PM from traveling the post-doc circuit , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Is it actually useful to the Spanish translators for the English tropes to be indexed, or would it make sense to cover the page in [[/index]] / [[index]] tags to avoid confusing everyone else?

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4 carla7th Dec 2010 05:48:34 AM from panama city, panama
well, i had no idea those existed, but now that you mention them, i guess it would be a good way to go. i'll try that later today.
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well... i just got a new profile... forgot my old password... but.. i have english/spanish (multicultural) interpreter qualities... pm me the links and i'll check them out and interpret them to english and or spanish (vice-versa works also)... i can lend a hand...
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