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6476 asterism31st Jul 2011 09:44:14 AM , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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Flandre's spear is not named after a monster. Laevateinn appears to be a thing, but we don't know what thing.
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1. It includes post-Po FV characters. That means she's probably going to be honest.


2. It's all her opinion of the spellcards anyway.
6478 asterism31st Jul 2011 09:46:10 AM , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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As if anyone actually listens to what Shikieiki says. She's like a substitute teacher trying to keep order in a classroom full of girls shooting at each other.
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It seems to me to have had an effecto n Marisa... then again, I haven't seen Po FV extra fully yet so I don't know...
6480 Clarste31st Jul 2011 09:47:41 AM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Thought: Maybe we read too much into Remilia's designation of Patchouli as a 'special guest'. Flandre's a regular guest because, well, she's her sister. Sakuya and Meiling are the maid and the guard respectively, essential parts to a fancy manor. Patchouli doesn't really have a purpose in the mansion (besides that causing/solving incidents thing, but that should wait until Patchy's own discussion), but her presence allows Remi to say "...and I have this huge library of magical books in the basement. Pretty cool, huh?" So, she's just a guest.

Patchouli's ESOD profile explicitly labels her as Remi's friend, so I see no reason to question that. A friend is a friend is a friend. In fact, I don't think it labels her as a guest anywhere (at least not in any of her profiles). She's either Remilia's friend or just a resident of the mansion.
I was thinking of the biblical monster. My bad. So yeah. My mistake.

How does blood magic work anyway? She shoots you with blood? She uses blood to conjour up stuff like blood knives (and shoots you with it?) Marisa keeps mentioning how when she fights with blood magic spell cards, the blood seems to move on it's own under her command. (also that it is amazing. Seriously, she mentions it like six times, twice for each spellcard that uses it)
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6482 Clarste31st Jul 2011 09:58:21 AM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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She throws blood at you. Pretty simple.
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In fact, I don't think it labels her as a guest anywhere

...Well, shoot.

I must have taken that from the SDM discussion without sourcing it.

How does blood magic work anyway?

Well, first you have to cut the blood runes into the Unfunny reference to a dead Touhou RP removed.

It seems to work the same way as Patchouli's magic does. Manipulated substance is fired like danmaku. The bloodstained knives are probably just Remilia manipulating the blood covering the knives.

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She throws blood at you, that can come in knives! And can move on it's own (although it is commanded). And is amazing!

Seriously, we know the basics of such magic, but I do want to know how it works, and what extant can she use it. Can she pull out all of her enemy's blood? Can she gather enough blood to make a blood lazer? Does it use her own blood, and if not, where does the blood come from? (and if so, does it weaken Remilia when she uses it?)

EDIT:[up]I supposs it could work like that. Still makes me wonder.

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6485 Clarste31st Jul 2011 10:04:32 AM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Interestingly, the description implies that it has a "dripping creates more danmaku" property which isn't at all how I imagined it but does describe a number of her spells. That sort of retroactively makes her fight more interesting, in that she has something of a shot-type theme. Other than omnipresent, eye-damagingly dull redness.

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I can see Remilia keeping blood in secret compartments all over the Mansion, but it would probably coagulate before it could be used.

Maybe she keeps dehydrated blood on her person and draws water out of the air to turn it into real blood.

Maybe this is all very silly.
you'll then have a grave in the clouds where you won't lie too cramped
6487 asterism31st Jul 2011 10:05:13 AM , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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It's just magic with blood instead of, for example, fire. Flandre's rather eclectic collection of spellcards seem to imply that vampires can use other types of magic. Remilia probably just uses blood for the look of it.

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6488 Clarste31st Jul 2011 10:06:01 AM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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She probably just summons blood out of thin air. It's magic.

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pirate girl
It's magic, she doesn't have to explain ****!
That would make sense, even if it is kinda boring. I wonder if she feeds herself using it? (or would she consider it to be "cheating", and thus too low for the great head of the SDM to resort to?)
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She might be proud but she's not stupid. She probably will if there is no alternative.
6492 asterism31st Jul 2011 10:11:51 AM , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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I don't think she feeds on her magic blood. She has to feed on humans, otherwise what kind of a vampire is she?
6493 Durazno31st Jul 2011 10:13:46 AM from Academia , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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Besides, if she's using her own power to make the blood, feeding on it would probably be a net loss.
6494 asterism31st Jul 2011 11:14:23 AM , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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The thing about Remilia. Akyuu notes that she is not a friendly woman, but Patchouli is considered to be her friend, and she seems to be close to Meiling, and expresses concern for Sakuya several times in Imperishable Night, even asking if the maid wishes to join her in immortality. So. The question is: Is she worried about her friend, or is she worried that she'll have to hunt for a new servant? Does she wish to spend eternity with her close companion, or does she want an immortal maid to, again, spare her the trouble of finding a new one.

In short: is she a dramatic and arrogant, but loyal to those who she cares for, or is she a manipulative sociopath?

Coda: it's only a matter of time before someone makes a Castlevania joke.
Why do I feel that I've read this before?

I do like the first option on that more than the second, mostly because the second sounds far too evil for Remilia. (As I said before, Remilia is selfish, proud, and not exactly friendly, but she isn't really bad, despite her claims to the contrary). However, someone else could see the "manipulative sociopath" option as just as legitimate. Then again, if you look the right way, you can find ill intent in anything.

As for Castlevania, I made a Sympathy of the Night reference in my SDM minific. Does that count?
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6496 asterism31st Jul 2011 11:37:24 AM , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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Looking for bad stuff in everything is a dark, nasty road to go down.

'How about becoming immortal, Sakuya? Then we can live together forever.' (Line I referred to earlier. Les Yay only begins to describe it. But it seems Remilia does genuinely care for Sakuya).

Another line from IN's extra stage mentions that Remilia only drinks the blood of humans who fear her. There's a conclusion I can draw from this, I know it.

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Now that you give the line, it seems to be more of a friendly jest or a good natured suggestion (out of Remilia? Shocking), though yeah. Les Yay indeed. I dunno, trying to read "Remilia doesn't actually care about Sakuya and just wants an immortal maid so that she doesn't have to get another maid later" in that does seem to push it...

As for the "Remilia only feeds on people who fear her"....uh, yeah. I think she does it like that because the fear and struggle makes her feel more powerful. That didn't help "soften" the innuendo, did it? Sorry.

At least her friends/servants are safe from randomly being fed on then?
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6498 Dragonexx31st Jul 2011 12:03:38 PM from that one place
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Maybe fear adds to the taste of the blood? I've read vampire stories where the vampires feed on emotion in addition to the blood, and different emotions cause the blood to taste differently.
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6499 asterism31st Jul 2011 12:24:36 PM , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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Oh, don't worry. Vampires are all about the innuendo. I think the Victorians used it as a metaphor for lesbianism or something* .

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6500 Clarste31st Jul 2011 12:37:53 PM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Regarding Remilia's treatment of Sakuya and others... The way I see it she's just extremely possessive. Those are her servants or her friends, and to mistreat them is by extension to mistreat her stuff. And she's certainly not going to mistreat her own stuff. Greed is after all pretty much the same thing as love, for most purposes. So she loves Sakuya and Patchouli and Meiling and all the fairies, but that's just an extension of fundamental feeling of ownership and duty. The master of the household has responsibilities, you know? It's her household so it damn well better be the best household ever.

Incidentally, this seems to extend outside of her household too. She has no enemies: she only has allies she hasn't recruited yet. Everyone is welcome to assist the Scarlets in their journey towards glory, if they so choose.

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