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Okay, MEGA Conspiracy Theorist... :

God rules!
Justin Bieber is really from the future, and was sent to destroy his own carrer. However, future!Bieber is really a robot constructed of the real one. After he killed the real!Bieber, however, he became rel!Bieber in his own mind, and now sings. Because of his robotic abilities, he will help start a massive destruction and war, thus prompting the future to send the future!Bieber back in time.

This is also why geeks like us tropers hate Bieber so much... he knows that we are the most threatening to finding him out, so he subconsciously sends out waves in his music that repel us but attract our little sisters.

Meanwhile, some of the most hated people on Earth are actually sent from another dimension to prepare us for the future that the Bieber bot will inevitably create. (Stolen from a thread about Jack Chick)

The cast of Glee! are soon-to-be combat-ors against Bieber, which is why they are recruiting as many musical artists as they can for this musical war.

Oh, and Lady Ga-Ga's an alien.
"Jesus is always the answer." - People who drift off in Sunday School.
God rules!
"Jesus is always the answer." - People who drift off in Sunday School.
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Total posts: 3

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