My Story Has A Conspiracy But No Big Bad:

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Could this be a problem?

Basically, it's a Hive Mind of Demons trying to get revenge on an entire planet. But I've just realized that I've got no one leading them or keeping them organized. Is it possible to work with such a thing?
If your demons are, in the manner of a swarm of bees or ants, a horde of creatures who share the same goal which can communicate quickly and effectively, they can organize on the field without exterior direction or, for that matter, any hierarchy whatsoever. Study the aforementioned insects, or indeed superorganisms in general a bit; a lack of central guiding force might make your antagonists even creepier, and more dangerous.

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Hive minds don't need anything to lead them, they are a single entity. That's what makes them hive minds.
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Yep. You've already got a Big Bad. It just happens to occupy several million bodies at once.

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that sounds interesting

there is an oasis for Big Bad Deconstruction in the whole We Are Legion aspect of their evil.
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