YMMV / Zenith

YMMV items referring to the comic book:

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: At least one critic has the opinion that Zenith is simply an average person with average morality. The reason why he's judged so harshly by the reader (and Grant Morrison himself) is that he doesn't have superheroic qualities.
  • Complete Monster: The Maximan from Alternative World 23 requests that his fellow heroes assist him to stop the "Many-Angled Ones", or Lloigor, from invading reality, but his plan is a costly one: to destroy several entire universes to create a "flaw" in reality to keep the horrors out. In truth, Maximan has betrayed humanity and joined the Lloigor and is having the heroes destroy universes to correct a flaw and allow the Lloigor access to consume all that lives. When discovered, Maximan attempts to destroy another universe and kill the heroes trying to stop him, thinking only of his own coming divinity at the side of his new masters.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Zenith has been out of print for almost twenty years, and, because of complicated legal issues surrounding the copyrights, will probably stay that way for a while. The original printings of the trade paperback collections currently go up for hundreds of dollars on Internet auction sites (the original issues of 2000 A.D. are somewhat cheaper)
    • Although as of May 2013, 2000AD have announced that they will finally be reprinting Zenith! Only 100,000 copies will be done however.
    • Phases I through III are currently (May 2015) available from online retailers or the 2000AD app as an e-comic. The legal issues surrounding Phase IV were more complex as it has never been available in collected form. However they appear to have been sorted and a provisional release date of 14 July 2015 is listed on Amazon.
    • By 2014 legal issues had been resolved, in the UK at least. All IV Phases were released through 2014-2015 as a series of handsomely bound hardback editions.
  • Later Installment Weirdness: As the story moved from the 80s to the 90s, and 2000AD introduced colour printing, Steve Yowell's evocative monochrome artwork of Phases I-III suddenly became colour in Phase IV.
  • Seasonal Rot: The ideas in Phase IV are as good as ever, but it seems Grant Morrison may have grown tired of the small business of story-telling. Exacerbated by the Later Installment Weirdness above.