YMMV / Wish Me Luck

  • Angst? What Angst?: Mattie and her mother narrowly escaped the Holocaust by hiding under a pile of coal in the bed of a truck. While the mother suffers from flashback nightmares of her experiences, Mattie is rather cheerful and well-adjusted.
    • Kit Vanston/ Grégoire lost his wife and child in the Blitz, but refuses to talk about it because he doesn't want his emotions to cloud his judgment.
  • The Woobie: Mattie escaped the Holocaust, but the escape left her mother a nervous wreck, and meanwhile her country and her people remain under Nazi rule. She jumps at the chance to fight the Nazis and throws herself into her training, but despite her tremendous skills is passed over for a chance to be sent to France because she's a security risk. Though she is finally sent to France—as a wireless operator, the most dangerous and lonely job—her confidence in her abilities is damaged, and whenever her comrades point out small mistakes she's made, she gets frustrated and says she can't do anything right. She also probably is living in fear that her Jewish identity might be found out, just like she did when she lived in France before she left. Then she is captured (through no fault of her own) and tortured by the Gestapo, and she must have been terrified of them finding out she was Jewish because she might have ended up in a concentration camp. She is evacuated, but her Love Interest stays behind to plan a raid and may not survive, and while she's been abroad her mother has killed herself because she sensed her daughter was imprisoned and being tortured.