YMMV / Wet Moon

  • Fan Disservice: An argument can be made towards the deformed Fern in this regard.
  • Fanservice: Trilby doesn't mind walking around topless, anymore than the author minds drawing her girls in sexy poses.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Natalie's expression at the start of Volume 5 is far too evocative of a small, defenseless animal getting gutted. Later on, we see a young lady jogging in the park who is then ambushed and stabbed in the gut from behind by the local Serial Killer. Thanks, Campbell!
    • To say nothing of the razor-toothed ghost of Fern.
  • Squick: The graphic detail Campbell put into Natalie's face getting slashed open.
    • A lot of what Slicer says and does.
    • The bathroom in Simmons Hall.
  • Tearjerker: Book six, dear God, book six.
  • The Woobie: Oh god, Cleo.
    • Audrey is now firmly cemented as one as of book six. As if her situation wasn't complicated enough she finally came out to her parents and they seem to have rejected her completely.