YMMV: Vagabond

  • Arc Fatigue: Musashi's travel after his fight against the Yoshioka. The action in the series has decreased a lot and Kojiro has appeared for only few chapters.
  • Awesome Art: is by far one of the most lushly-illustrated and technically impressive manga ever created. Not only does every character have a very detailed, unique design, Inoue's realism does not stop him from making the characters have vibrant facial expressions and gestures, which only goes to show what an incredible master he is.
  • Magnum Opus: Generally considered to be this for Takehiko Inoue. Although Slam Dunk was ridiculously huge Breakthrough Hit for him, Vagabond really impressed everyone with its nuanced character development, sophisticated storytelling and masterful art. Though Inoue himself has never said it outright it's quite plausible that he also considers it his best work. He has said that it has taught him a lot, and that he is afraid that he will stop growing as an artist when Vagabond ends.
  • Narm: Every single time Kojiro tries to talk and ends up saying Aaaaa and Auaaaa.