YMMV / Vagabond

  • Arc Fatigue: Musashi's travel after his fight against the Yoshioka. The action in the series has decreased a lot and Kojiro has appeared for only few chapters.
  • Awesome Art: is by far one of the most lushly-illustrated and technically impressive manga ever created. Not only does every character have a very detailed, unique design, Inoue's realism does not stop him from making the characters have vibrant facial expressions and gestures. When he was first starting out Inoue said he needed as many as six assistants to keep the art quality in Vagabond as high it is thanks to the weekly deadlines of the Morning magazine.
  • Counterpart Comparison: Due to the heavy amount of violence, the focus on a charismatic "lone wolf" protagonist who undergoes meticulous Character Development, as well as the rivalry between Musashi and Kojiro, it's not uncommon to find people compare this series to Berserk.
  • Narm: Every single time Kojiro tries to talk and ends up saying Aaaaa and Auaaaa.
  • The Scrappy: Due to his hedonistic, weak-willed nature and failure to do anything meaningful with his life, Matahachi is wildly disliked by the reader-base. His mother is also disliked for being selectively oblivious over Matahachi's own moral failings and her unreasonable dislike of Otsu and Takezo/Musashi for "abandoning" him, when it's really the other way around with Matahachi ditching all of them to go live with Oko.