YMMV / Undergrads

  • Ambiguously Gay: All we know about Dan, besides the fact that he laughs a lot, is that he also kissed Nitz in one scene.
  • Animation Age Ghetto: Even in 2001, it wasn't kosher for a cartoon to feature nudity, binge drinking, and sex.
  • Cult Classic: Whilst the show was notorious for a while for being cancelled, it had a pretty vocal fanbase during the early 2000's. By 2006 it had mostly fallen into quiet obscurity.
  • Flat Character: Much of the supporting cast beyond the main four guys, Jessie and Kimmy. Heck, Rocko and Cal are usually just there for quick gags, and are too dumb for major depth. Jessie even lampshades this when describing the guys she hands out with in "New Friends."
    Jessie: Relax, these guys are easy to get to know. Brody is always full of crap.
    Brody: DreamWorks is interested.
    Jessie: Krueger has one response...
    Krueger: Fuck DreamWorks.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The show has been run for over a decade on Canada's Teletoon, despite its brief run.
  • Hate Dom: Cal has an in-universe one with the "I Hate Cal Newsgroup," which largely consists of guys who had their girlfriends stolen by him.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In "Risk," Nitz complains about Good Charlotte by asking what he would know them for. At the time, it's just a joke about Good Charlotte being a relatively unknown band, with a bit of Biting-the-Hand Humor because the band provided the show's theme song. A year later, they released their breakthrough hit.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Rocko had a sex dream about Cal once. And in a scene where Nitz is messing around in a photobooth, Dan kisses him on the cheek.
    • Mump is kind of clingy and protective of his relationship with Gimpy, going so far as to sabotage Gimpy's friendship with Nitz, and Gimpy does seem to care for him above the other minions, worrying about, missing and later hugging him when Mump got carpal tunnel.
    • Cal once said "I love that guy." about Gimpy (episode being Rivalries). Sure, he's an idiot, but he also got completely broken up when Nitz left the dorm in Roommates and replaced him with a watermelon labeled 'Nitz Guy'. And judging by the flashbacks, Nitz is always the guy Cal wants to do stuff with. Heck, he's probably so stupid, he doesn't even know his sexuality; he just does whoever jumps on him.
    • Nitz and Gimpy's "Oh you..."
  • Memetic Mutation: "I am 21 so drinking is yes." Seems legit.
  • Too Good to Last