YMMV / Ulver

  • Awesome Music: Despite being significantly more "accessible" than most of their material, many fans will cite "Nowhere/Catastrophe" to be among their favorite selections from their discography.
    • Most of their music, really. For a band that switches styles so often, Ulver are amazingly consistent. Nearly all their main discography and quite a few of their side releases are worth checking out.
    • The Assassination of Julius Caesar has been garnering quite a lot of praise even by Ulver's standards.
  • Broken Base: Averted, for the most part; most of the fans have stuck with the band throughout their evolution. However, you will get disagreements on things like what their best album is. There are a few albums that have divided the fan base (Wars of the Roses in particular), but not as many as you'd probably expect.
  • Ear Worm: Most of Assassination, but especially "Rolling Stone".
  • Epic Riff: Most of the riffs on Nattens madrigal and Bergtatt will be immediately recognisable to any black metal fan.
  • Face of the Band: Although the band insists on being a collective, most fans can only seem to recognize the name of Krystoffer Rygg (better known as Garm). It doesn't help that he's the only original member left in the band.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Doubles with Bilingual Bonus. On the aforementioned remix track (called "Der Alte"), the German conversation is about an old man lamenting about how useless he is to his family, and a younger man assuring him how much he'd be missed when he finally does pass on.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: MASSIVELY subverted; even the die-hard black metal fans of the first few albums seem to readily embrace the band's later work.