YMMV / Toumei Shoujo Ea

  • Adaptation Displacement: The original visual novel Machi (created by Chunsoft, released on PlayStation and Sega Saturn in 1998) has never been translated by fans or professionals. If not for Toumei Shoujo Ea, few people would know about it.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Congratulations, you just won the Superpower Lottery — only your new invisibility powers require you stay naked or they randomly hit you like a taser until you strip, they wear off in bright light, water, or when touching things, that is unless they decide to turn off randomly on their own, and you can't disable them on your own, ever. Oh, and by the way, the government wants to find you and cut you into little pieces to try and create a race of super-spies out of your corpse. ... Congratulations!
  • Special Effect Failure: Any time the MIB use some of their technology. Any time. The computer scenes and the raygun scenes all look like they were done in the mid 70s or 80s, for example. The few times they go with a "just tie a string to something and say Ea's touching it" effect also counts.