YMMV / The Unwritten

  • Complete Monster: Pullman, the most visible member of the Ancient Conspiracy, is a sadistic murderer who kills multiple people with relish; this includes a little girl he smothered to death with a pillow. At times he goes out of his way to kill when he has absolutely no reason to execute the victims. Pullman admits his hatred for storytellers and goes out of his way to make such targets deaths as painful as possible. Seven thousand years old, Pullman has had time to wrack up an impressive count of misdeeds, including when he was travelling with Gilgamesh himself, and raped or killed a woman that he sneered he 'used as cattle ought to be' when confronted. Pullman is ultimately revealed as attempting to slay the Leviathan, the creature behind all stories, in order to achieve his own death, as his own story as Cain, the first murderer, will not allow him to die. however, he has no intention of dying alone, and when he's dealt with deathblow by the heroes, he gloats to hero Tom at 'dragging his bitch' with him, having murdered Tom's girlfriend before receiving the final blow.
  • The Chris Carter Effect: The series is packed with ongoing mysteries. For instance, who exactly is Tom Taylor? First he's just a guy, then he's thought to be a fictional character come to life, then he's a real person but he sortof embodies Tommy Taylor because popular belief makes it real (to some extent), then someone tells him that his DNA isn't actually human DNA and so even though he was physically born from a human mother that doesn't mean he's literally human. Even after Tom gets a chance to talk with his dad (who arranged the whole scenario on purpose), and even after he reads his dad's journals and ever after he meets his dad again in the realm of Hades, he still doesn't get a straight answer as to what he actually is. that takes us through the 8th volume, and it's only one mystery among many! Some fans slowly get tired of it all, since the biggest mysteries never seem to get solved.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Issue #12, drawn up like a children's Beast Fable with matching narration, but featuring a an angry homicidal cursing rabbit that Was Once a Man.